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Past Challenge: Build a deck that includes the cards shown below at the listed quantities (or more).
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A Fate Worse Than Death (Scorpion) Fate Has No SecretsA Game of Letters (Crane) Clan WarsA Legion of One (Lion) Meditations on the EphemeralA New Name (Crane) Bonds of BloodA Perfect Cut (Neutral) For the EmpireA Season of War (Neutral) Rokugan at WarAbandoning Honor (Neutral) The Fires WithinAbove Question (Crane) CoreAcclaimed Geisha House (Scorpion) Clan WarsAcolyte of Koyane (Phoenix) Justice for SatsumeAdept of Shadows (Scorpion) CoreAdept of the Waves (Phoenix) CoreAdmit Defeat (Crane) CoreAdopted Kin (Dragon) Tainted LandsAdorned Barcha (Unicorn) For the EmpireAgainst the Waves (Phoenix) CoreAgasha Hiyori (Dragon) Defenders of RokuganAgasha Prodigy (Dragon) Clan WarsAgasha Shunsen (Dragon) Elements UnboundAgasha Sumiko (Dragon) AtonementAgasha Sumiko (Dragon) The Chrysanthemum ThroneAgasha Swordsmith (Dragon) CoreAgasha Taiko (Dragon) Warriors of the WindAgeless Crone (Lion) Into the Forbidden CityAggressive Moto (Unicorn) CoreAkodo Gunsō (Lion) CoreAkodo Kaede (Lion) Bonds of BloodAkodo Kage (Lion) Underhand of the EmperorAkodo Makoto (Lion) Masters of the CourtAkodo Motivator (Lion) The Emperor's LegionAkodo Reserve Company (Lion) Rokugan at WarAkodo Toshiro (Lion) The Chrysanthemum ThroneAkodo Toturi (Lion) CoreAkodo Toturi (Neutral) Children of the EmpireAkodo Zentarō (Lion) For the EmpireAlchemical Laboratory (Dragon) Clan WarsAlibi Artist (Scorpion) Underhand of the EmperorAll and Nothing (Phoenix) All and NothingAll Out Assault (Lion) Clan WarsAllied with the Crab DraftAllied with the Crane DraftAllied with the Dragon DraftAllied with the Lion DraftAllied with the Phoenix DraftAllied with the Scorpion DraftAllied with the Unicorn DraftAllies of Convenience DraftAlluring Patron (Scorpion) Bonds of BloodAlong the River of Gold (Neutral) Meditations on the EphemeralAltansarnai's Vanguard (Unicorn) Clan WarsAmbush (Scorpion) CoreAn Ocean in a Drop (Dragon) Seekers of WisdomAncestral Armory (Lion) The Fires WithinAncestral Daishō (Dragon) CoreAncestral Lands (Neutral) CoreAncestral Shrine (Phoenix) Children of the EmpireAncient Master (Dragon) Breath of the KamiAppeal to Sympathy (Phoenix) Clan WarsAppealing to the Fortunes (Neutral) All and NothingApprentice Earthcaller (Crab) Tainted LandsApprentice Engineer (Crab) AtonementAranat (Unicorn) Warriors of the WindArbiter of Authority (Crane) Bonds of BloodArdent Omoidasu (Lion) The Emperor's LegionArmament Artisan (Neutral) Masters of the CourtArmy of the Rising Wave (Dragon) A Champion's ForesightArtisan Academy (Crane) CoreAsahina Artisan (Crane) CoreAsahina Augur (Crane) In Pursuit of TruthAsahina Maeko (Crane) Seekers of WisdomAsahina Storyteller (Crane) CoreAsahina Takako (Crane) Tainted LandsAsahina Takamori (Crane) Masters of the CourtAsako Azunami (Phoenix) The Ebb and FlowAsako Diplomat (Phoenix) CoreAsako Lawmaster (Phoenix) As Honor DemandsAsako Maezawa (Phoenix) Underhand of the EmperorAsako Takahiro (Phoenix) A Champion's ForesightAsako Togama (Phoenix) Seekers of WisdomAsako Tsuki (Phoenix) Meditations on the EphemeralAscetic of the North Wall (Dragon) Clan WarsAscetic Visionary (Dragon) CoreAsceticism (Dragon) Campaigns of ConquestAshigaru Levy (Lion) The Emperor's LegionAspiring Challenger (Neutral) Children of the EmpireAssassination (Neutral) CoreAttendant to the Emperor (Scorpion) Children of the EmpireAustere Exemplar (Dragon) Seekers of WisdomAwakened Tsukumogami (Neutral) Elements UnboundBack-Alley Hideaway (Scorpion) Into the Forbidden CityBackhanded Compliment (Scorpion) The Chrysanthemum ThroneBanzai! (Neutral) CoreBattle Aspirant (Lion) Clan WarsBattle Maiden Recruit (Unicorn) The Fires WithinBayushi Aramoro (Scorpion) Underhand of the EmperorBayushi Collector (Scorpion) Underhand of the EmperorBayushi Dairu (Scorpion) Masters of the CourtBayushi Gensato (Scorpion) Seekers of WisdomBayushi Kachiko (Scorpion) AtonementBayushi Kachiko (Scorpion) Into the Forbidden CityBayushi Liar (Scorpion) CoreBayushi Manipulator (Scorpion) CoreBayushi Shoju (Scorpion) CoreBayushi Shoju (Scorpion) Shoju's DutyBayushi Traitor (Scorpion) Clan WarsBayushi Yojiro (Scorpion) For Honor and GloryBayushi Yunako (Scorpion) CoreBayushi's Whisperers (Scorpion) Underhand of the EmperorBeastmaster Matriarch (Lion) Meditations on the EphemeralBeautiful Entertainer (Scorpion) As Honor DemandsBefore the Throne (Neutral) The Chrysanthemum ThroneBeing and Becoming (Dragon) Elements UnboundBeloved Advisor (Crane) Masters of the CourtBenevolent Ambassador (Unicorn) Bonds of BloodBenevolent Host (Crane) Masters of the CourtBenten's Touch (Phoenix) Into the Forbidden CityBlackmail (Scorpion) CoreBlackmail Artist (Scorpion) CoreBlade of 10,000 Battles (Lion) For the EmpireBlatant Swindler (Crab) In Pursuit of TruthBlood of Onnotangu (Neutral) Tears of AmaterasuBonsai Garden (Crane) Tainted LandsBorder Fortress (Unicorn) Tainted LandsBorder Rider (Unicorn) CoreBorderlands Defender (Crab) CoreBorderlands Fortifications (Crab) CoreBorn in War (Unicorn) CoreBrash Samurai (Crane) CoreBreach of Etiquette (Neutral) The Fires WithinBreaking In (Unicorn) Campaigns of ConquestBreakthrough (Unicorn) CoreBrother's Gift Dōjō (Scorpion) Underhand of the EmperorBushidō Adherent (Lion) Clan WarsBustling Academy (Phoenix) All and NothingButcher of the Fallen (Crab) Spreading ShadowsBy Any Means (Scorpion) A Champion's ForesightCalled to War (Lion) Clan WarsCalling in Favors (Scorpion) CoreCallous Ashigaru (Crab) Justice for SatsumeCallow Delegate (Crane) All and NothingCaptivating Story (Crane) Rokugan at WarCaptive Audience (Unicorn) CoreCaravan Guard (Neutral) The Emperor's LegionCastigated (Scorpion) Shoju's DutyCautious Scout (Crane) CoreCavalry Reserves (Unicorn) CoreCeaseless Duty (Crab) As Honor DemandsCelebrated Renown (Phoenix) Campaigns of ConquestCensure (Neutral) Into the Forbidden CityCentipede Tattoo (Dragon) The Chrysanthemum ThroneChallenge on the Fields (Unicorn) Children of the EmpireChampions of Yomi (Lion) The Emperor's LegionChancellor's Aide (Crane) Clan WarsCharge! (Neutral) CoreChasing the Sun (Unicorn) Into the Forbidden CityChikai Order Protector (Phoenix) The Fires WithinChild of the Plains (Unicorn) Into the Forbidden CityChisei District (Crane) Into the Forbidden CityChronicler of Conquests (Lion) Spreading ShadowsChrysanthemum Steward (Scorpion) Shoju's DutyChukan Nobue (Phoenix) Masters of the CourtCity of Lies (Scorpion) CoreCity of the Open Hand (Scorpion) CoreCity of the Rich Frog (Neutral) Rokugan at WarCivil Discourse (Crane) Children of the EmpireClarity of Purpose (Phoenix) Disciples of the VoidCloak of Night (Phoenix) Shoju's DutyClosed Shell Castle (Neutral) DraftCloud the Mind (Neutral) CoreCommand By Name (Unicorn) As Honor DemandsCommand Respect (Lion) For the EmpireCommon Cause (Crab) Clan WarsCompass (Neutral) Warriors of the WindCompelling Testimony (Scorpion) Clan WarsCompromised Secrets (Scorpion) AtonementConflict Between Kin (Crane) Justice for SatsumeConsumed by Five Fires (Phoenix) Fate Has No SecretsContempaltive Wisdom (Dragon) Clan WarsContested Countryside (Neutral) As Honor DemandsContingency Plan (Neutral) CoreCountryside Trader (Unicorn) Rokugan at WarCourt Games (Neutral) CoreCourt Mask (Scorpion) CoreCourt Musician (Crane) A Champion's ForesightCourt Novice (Scorpion) Tainted LandsCourt of Deception (Scorpion) Underhand of the EmperorCourt of Justice (Dragon) Justice for SatsumeCourteous Greeting (Neutral) In Pursuit of TruthCourteous Scheming (Crane) Masters of the CourtCourtly Challenger (Crane) Children of the EmpireCriminal Contacts (Scorpion) Clan WarsCrippling Taxes (Crane) Campaigns of ConquestCrisis Breaker (Crab) Fate Has No SecretsCultured Façade (Crane) Clan WarsCunning Confidant (Neutral) Clan WarsCunning Magistrate (Scorpion) Fate Has No SecretsCunning Negotiator (Crane) Spreading ShadowsCurrent of the Beryt (Unicorn) A Champion's ForesightCurry Favor (Crane) The Chrysanthemum ThroneCursecatcher (Scorpion) In Pursuit of TruthCurved Blade (Unicorn) Warriors of the WindCycle of Rebirth (Dragon) Rokugan at WarDaidoji Harrier (Crane) Shoju's DutyDaidoji Kageyu (Crane) A Champion's ForesightDaidoji Marketplace (Crane) Spreading ShadowsDaidoji Nerishma (Crane) CoreDaidoji Netsu (Crane) Defenders of RokuganDaidoji Uji (Crane) Masters of the CourtDaidoji Yari (Crane) AtonementDaimyō's Favor (Dragon) CoreDaimyō's Gunbai (Neutral) Masters of the CourtDaring Challenger (Crab) Children of the EmpireDarkness Rising (Crab) Honor in FlamesDazzling Duelist (Crane) Clan WarsDeathseeker (Lion) CoreDeceptive Offer (Scorpion) The Ebb and FlowDeduction (Dragon) A Champion's ForesightDefend the Wall (Crab) CoreDefend Your Honor (Neutral) Children of the EmpireDemonstrating Excellence (Neutral) Breath of the KamiDesertion Clan WarsDesolation (Crab) Defenders of RokuganDiplomatic Gift-Giver (Crane) Twisted LoyaltiesDisciple of Shinsei (Neutral) Spreading ShadowsDiscourage Pursuit (Scorpion) All and NothingDisdainful Remark (Crane) Tears of AmaterasuDisguised Protector (Scorpion) The Ebb and FlowDishonorable Assault (Lion) Bonds of BloodDishonorable Dealings Clan WarsDispatch (Unicorn) All and NothingDispatch to Nowhere (Scorpion) Spreading ShadowsDisplay of Power (Phoenix) CoreDistinguished Dōjō (Crane) Masters of the CourtDiversionary Maneuver (Unicorn) Clan WarsDivine Ancestry (Lion) As Honor DemandsDoji Challenger (Crane) CoreDoji Diplomat (Crane) AtonementDoji Fumiki (Crane) Underhand of the EmperorDoji Gift Giver (Crane) CoreDoji Hotaru (Crane) CoreDoji Hotaru (Crane) Justice for SatsumeDoji Kuwanan (Crane) Justice for SatsumeDoji Kuzunobu (Crane) The Emperor's LegionDoji Representative (Crane) Tears of AmaterasuDoji Shigeru (Crane) Disciples of the VoidDoji Shizue (Crane) The Chrysanthemum ThroneDoji Whisperer (Crane) CoreDoomed Shugenja (Dragon) CoreDragon Tattoo (Dragon) Seekers of WisdomDriven By Courage (Neutral) Spreading ShadowsDuel to the Death (Crane) Bonds of BloodDuelist Training (Crane) CoreDuty (Scorpion) Underhand of the EmperorEager Scout (Crab) CoreEarth Becomes Sky (Phoenix) Bonds of BloodEducated Heimin (Dragon) Rokugan at WarEffective Deception (Scorpion) Justice for SatsumeElegance and Grace (Crane) As Honor DemandsElegant Tessen (Neutral) Seekers of WisdomElemental Fury (Neutral) CoreEmbrace Death (Lion) The Emperor's LegionEmbrace the Void (Phoenix) Tears of AmaterasuEmissary of Lies (Scorpion) The Children of HeavenEmperor's Summons (Neutral) The Children of HeavenEmpty Pockets (Neutral) DraftEndless Archives (Phoenix) As Honor DemandsEndless Plains (Unicorn) CoreEndless Plains Skirmisher (Unicorn) Clan WarsEnigmatic Magistrate (Dragon) Into the Forbidden CityEnlightened Warrior (Dragon) CoreEnlightenment (Neutral) Clan WarsEnticing Wares (Neutral) DraftEntrenched Position (Neutral) CoreErudite Prestige (Phoenix) A Champion's ForesightEsteemed Tea House (Crane) For the EmpireEthereal Alignment (Phoenix) Spreading ShadowsEthereal Dreamer (Phoenix) All and NothingEven the Odds (Lion) Breath of the KamiExemplary Etiquette (Crane) Twisted LoyaltiesExpert Bartering (Unicorn) Clan WarsExpert Interpreter (Phoenix) Clan WarsExposed Courtyard (Lion) AtonementExposed Secrets Clan WarsFū Sui Disciple (Crane) Breath of the KamiFair Accord (Crab) Fate Has No SecretsFallen in Battle (Neutral) CoreFalling Fortune Clan WarsFalse Loyalties (Scorpion) For the EmpireFan of Command (Lion) A Champion's ForesightFavor of the Kami (Phoenix) Disciples of the VoidFavorable Alliance (Crane) Clan WarsFavorable Dealbroker (Crab) Defenders of RokuganFavorable Ground (Neutral) CoreFavored Mount (Unicorn) CoreFavored Niece (Scorpion) CoreFawning Diplomat (Scorpion) The Chrysanthemum ThroneFearless Skirmisher (Lion) As Honor DemandsFearsome Mystic (Phoenix) CoreFeast or Famine (Neutral) Into the Forbidden CityFeral Ningyo (Phoenix) Tainted LandsFertile Fields (Neutral) CoreFestival for the Fortunes (Crane) Masters of the CourtFestival of the Departed (Neutral) Bonds of BloodField of Ruin (Neutral) Rokugan at WarFields of the Wind (Unicorn) Clan WarsFiery Madness (Scorpion) CoreFifth Tower Watch (Crab) For the EmpireFight On (Crab) The Ebb and FlowFinding a New Lord Clan WarsFine Katana (Neutral) CoreFinger of Jade (Neutral) Tears of AmaterasuFire and Oil (Crab) AtonementFire Elemental Guard (Phoenix) Disciples of the VoidFire Tensai Acolyte (Phoenix) Children of the EmpireFire Tensai Initiate (Phoenix) Disciples of the VoidFlank the Enemy (Unicorn) AtonementFlooded Waste (Crab) The Ebb and FlowFoothills Keep (Dragon) As Honor DemandsFor Greater Glory (Lion) CoreFor Shame! (Neutral) CoreForce of the River (Unicorn) The Ebb and FlowForebearer's Echoes (Lion) Bonds of BloodForged Edict (Scorpion) CoreForgery (Scorpion) Campaigns of ConquestForgotten Library (Phoenix) CoreForgotten Plans Clan WarsFormal Invitation (Crane) Breath of the KamiForthright Ide (Unicorn) Clan WarsFortified Assembly (Crab) The Children of HeavenFour Temples Advisor (Neutral) Seekers of WisdomFrom the Shadows (Scorpion) Underhand of the EmperorFrontline Engineer (Crab) A Champion's ForesightFrostbitten Crossing (Neutral) For Honor and GloryFruitful Crossroads (Neutral) DraftFruitful Respite (Crab) Defenders of RokuganFuchi Mura (Dragon) Seekers of WisdomFulfill Your Duty (Crab) Clan WarsFuneral Pyre (Crab) CoreFury of the Damned (Crab) Bonds of BloodFury of the Kami (Phoenix) Clan WarsFushichō (Phoenix) Disciples of the VoidGaijin Customs (Unicorn) The Chrysanthemum ThroneGallant Quartermaster (Crab) Shoju's DutyGame of Sadane (Crane) All and NothingGanzu Warrior (Unicorn) AtonementGaranto Guardian (Phoenix) Rokugan at WarGateway to Meido (Neutral) For the EmpireGift of Amaterasu (Phoenix) Children of the EmpireGifted Tactician (Lion) Tears of AmaterasuGive No Ground (Crab) For the EmpireGiver of Gifts (Unicorn) CoreGlorious Victory (Lion) Children of the EmpireGoblin Sneak (Neutral) Tears of AmaterasuGolden Plains Outpost (Unicorn) CoreGolden Plains Raider (Unicorn) Shoju's DutyGood Omen (Neutral) CoreGossip (Crane) Masters of the CourtGovernor's Spy (Scorpion) Rokugan at WarGraceful Guardian (Crane) The Children of HeavenGrasp of Earth (Phoenix) CoreGreater Understanding (Dragon) For the EmpireGuard Duty (Lion) The Chrysanthemum ThroneGuardian Dōjō (Phoenix) Honor in FlamesGuardian Kami (Neutral) Disciples of the VoidGuardian of Virtue (Crab) Children of the EmpireGuardians of the Seikitsu (Neutral) The Chrysanthemum ThroneGuest of Honor (Crane) CoreGuidance of the Ancestors (Lion) CoreHall of Victories (Lion) The Emperor's LegionHallowed Ground (Phoenix) Clan WarsHand to Hand (Lion) Children of the EmpireHantei Daisetsu (Neutral) The Children of HeavenHantei Sotorii (Neutral) For the EmpireHantei XXXVIII (Neutral) Children of the EmpireHarmonize (Phoenix) For Honor and GloryHaughty Magistrate (Phoenix) The Chrysanthemum ThroneHawk Tattoo (Dragon) The Ebb and FlowHayaken no Shiro (Lion) Campaigns of ConquestHeartless Intimidator (Scorpion) Breath of the KamiHeavy Ballista (Crab) Children of the EmpireHeight of Fashion (Crane) CoreHenshin Disciple (Phoenix) Fate Has No SecretsHenshin Mysteries (Phoenix) A Champion's ForesightHero of Three Trees (Lion) Shoju's DutyHeroic Resolve (Lion) The Ebb and FlowHida Amoro (Crab) Disciples of the VoidHida Etsuji (Crab) As Honor DemandsHida Guardian (Crab) CoreHida Kisada (Crab) CoreHida Kotoe (Crab) Seekers of WisdomHida O-Ushi (Crab) Defenders of RokuganHida Secretkeeper (Crab) Clan WarsHida Sugi (Crab) Justice for SatsumeHida Sukune (Crab) Defenders of RokuganHida Tomonatsu (Crab) CoreHida Tsuru (Crab) Warriors of the WindHida Yakamo (Crab) Children of the EmpireHidden Moon Dōjō (Scorpion) The Ebb and FlowHidden Mountain Pass (Dragon) Campaigns of ConquestHige's Sermon (Neutral) Clan WarsHigh House of Light (Dragon) Seekers of WisdomHigh Kick (Dragon) For Honor and GloryHighlight the Flaws (Crane) Spreading ShadowsHiruma Ambusher (Crab) CoreHiruma Kogoe (Crab) The Fires WithinHiruma Outpost (Crab) Breath of the KamiHiruma Signaller (Crab) For the EmpireHiruma Skirmisher (Crab) Into the Forbidden CityHiruma Yōjimbō (Crab) CoreHiruma Yoshino (Crab) Bonds of BloodHisu Mori Toride (Lion) Breath of the KamiHisu Mori Toride (Unicorn) Elements UnboundHito District (Lion) Tears of AmaterasuHitsu-do Disciple (Dragon) Shoju's DutyHoned Nodachi (Crab) Children of the EmpireHonest Challenger (Unicorn) Children of the EmpireHonor in Battle (Lion) The Emperor's LegionHonor's Reward (Neutral) As Honor DemandsHonorable Challenger (Lion) Children of the EmpireHonored Blade (Lion) CoreHonored General (Lion) CoreHonored Veterans (Lion) As Honor DemandsHumble Magistrate (Neutral) Children of the EmpireHunting Falcon (Unicorn) In Pursuit of TruthHurricane Punch (Dragon) Breath of the KamiI Am Ready (Unicorn) CoreI Can Swim (Scorpion) CoreIaijutsu Master (Crane) Children of the EmpireIchigenkin Soloist (Crane) Children of the EmpireIchirō (Neutral) Seekers of WisdomIcon of Favor (Crane) The Fires WithinIde Messenger (Unicorn) CoreIde Negotiator (Unicorn) Children of the EmpireIde Ryōma (Unicorn) The Children of HeavenIde Tadaji (Unicorn) For Honor and GloryIde Trader (Unicorn) CoreIgnoble Enforcers (Scorpion) Underhand of the EmperorIkebana Artisan (Crane) The Ebb and FlowIkoma Anakazu (Lion) Warriors of the WindIkoma Eiji (Lion) CoreIkoma Ikehata (Lion) The Fires WithinIkoma Kiyono (Lion) The Children of HeavenIkoma Message Runner (Lion) Clan WarsIkoma Orator (Lion) Children of the EmpireIkoma Prodigy (Lion) CoreIkoma Reservist (Lion) Tainted LandsIkoma Tsanuri (Lion) Campaigns of ConquestIkoma Tsanuri (Lion) Disciples of the VoidIkoma Ujiaki (Lion) For Honor and GloryIllustrious Forge (Neutral) Children of the EmpireIllustrious Plagiarist (Scorpion) Meditations on the EphemeralImbued With Shadows (Scorpion) Clan WarsImperial Librarian (Neutral) All and NothingImperial Storehouse (Neutral) CoreImplacable Magistrate (Lion) The Chrysanthemum ThroneImpossible Kōan (Dragon) Clan WarsImpulsive Novice (Dragon) Tainted LandsIn Defense of Rokugan (Crab) Children of the EmpireIn Search of Self (Dragon) AtonementIn Service to My Lord (Lion) Shoju's DutyIndomitable Will (Dragon) CoreInferno Guard Invoker (Phoenix) Shoju's DutyInfiltrator (Scorpion) The Fires WithinInfiltrator's Tools (Scorpion) Children of the EmpireInquisitive Ishika (Phoenix) Disciples of the VoidInscribed Tantō (Dragon) Clan WarsInsightful Gatekeeper (Neutral) Clan WarsInsolent Outcast (Neutral) The Emperor's LegionInsolent Rival (Scorpion) Underhand of the EmperorInspired Visionary (Phoenix) Spreading ShadowsInsult to Injury (Crane) The Fires WithinIntimidating Hida (Crab) CoreInto the Forbidden City (Neutral) Justice for SatsumeInventive Buttressing (Crab) AtonementInventive Mirumoto (Dragon) Clan WarsInvocation of Ash (Unicorn) The Fires WithinInvoke the Divine (Phoenix) The Children of HeavenIron Crane Legion (Crane) The Children of HeavenIron Foundations Stance (Dragon) Seekers of WisdomIron Mine (Crab) Meditations on the EphemeralIron Mountain Castle (Dragon) AtonementIsawa Atsuko (Phoenix) CoreIsawa Eju (Phoenix) Defenders of RokuganIsawa Heiko (Phoenix) Justice for SatsumeIsawa Kaede (Phoenix) Tears of AmaterasuIsawa Masahiro (Phoenix) CoreIsawa Mori Seidō (Phoenix) CoreIsawa Pilgrim (Phoenix) Clan WarsIsawa Tadaka (Phoenix) Disciples of the VoidIsawa Tadaka (Phoenix) Bonds of BloodIsawa Tsuke (Phoenix) Campaigns of ConquestIsawa Tsuke (Phoenix) The Emperor's LegionIsawa Ujina (Phoenix) Children of the EmpireIsawa Uona (Phoenix) Breath of the KamiIshiken Initiate (Phoenix) CoreIssue a Challenge (Crane) The Children of HeavenItinerant Philosopher (Dragon) Fate Has No SecretsIuchi Daiyu (Unicorn) Warriors of the WindIuchi Farseer (Unicorn) Warriors of the WindIuchi Rimei (Unicorn) Seekers of WisdomIuchi Shahai (Unicorn) All and NothingIuchi Wayfinder (Unicorn) CoreIvory Kingdoms Unicorn (Neutral) Warriors of the WindIwasaki Pupil (Crane) Masters of the CourtJade Masterpiece (Dragon) Tears of AmaterasuJade Tetsubō (Crab) CoreJewel of the Khamasīn (Unicorn) Children of the EmpireJoin the Fray (Unicorn) Clan WarsJurōjin's Curse (Phoenix) The Fires WithinJusticar's Approach (Dragon) Justice for SatsumeKabuki Hero (Crane) For Honor and GloryKaito Kosori (Phoenix) Disciples of the VoidKaito Nobukai (Phoenix) Warriors of the WindKaito Temple Protector (Phoenix) Disciples of the VoidKaiu Envoy (Crab) CoreKaiu Forges (Crab) Defenders of RokuganKaiu Inventor (Crab) The Chrysanthemum ThroneKaiu Shihobu (Crab) Defenders of RokuganKaiu Shuichi (Crab) CoreKaiu Siege Force (Crab) Defenders of RokuganKakita Asami (Crane) CoreKakita Blade (Crane) For Honor and GloryKakita Dōjō (Crane) Children of the EmpireKakita Favorite (Crane) Masters of the CourtKakita Kaezin (Crane) CoreKakita Ryoku (Crane) Warriors of the WindKakita Toshimoko (Crane) Children of the EmpireKakita Yoshi (Crane) Rokugan at WarKakita Yoshi (Crane) Into the Forbidden CityKakita Yuri (Crane) Masters of the CourtKakita's Final Stance (Crane) Shoju's DutyKakudaira (Phoenix) Rokugan at WarKamayari (Lion) For Honor and GloryKami Unleashed (Neutral) Disciples of the VoidKanjo District (Phoenix) Meditations on the EphemeralKansen Haunt (Neutral) Defenders of RokuganKarada District (Crab) Tears of AmaterasuKarmic Balance (Dragon) Children of the EmpireKarmic Teachings (Dragon) Clan WarsKarmic Twist (Phoenix) Disciples of the VoidKatana of Fire (Phoenix) Disciples of the VoidKeeper Initiate (Neutral) CoreKeeper of Air CoreKeeper of Earth CoreKeeper of Fire CoreKeeper of Secret Names (Unicorn) A Champion's ForesightKeeper of Void CoreKeeper of Water CoreKenson no Gakka (Lion) The Emperor's LegionKhan's Ordu (Unicorn) Warriors of the WindKhanbulak Benefactor (Unicorn) Twisted LoyaltiesKiku Matsuri (Neutral) Children of the EmpireKirei-ko (Scorpion) Children of the EmpireKitsu Motso (Lion) The Emperor's LegionKitsu Spiritcaller (Lion) CoreKitsu Warrior (Lion) Elements UnboundKitsuki Chiari (Dragon) In Pursuit of TruthKitsuki Counselor (Dragon) Children of the EmpireKitsuki Investigator (Dragon) CoreKitsuki Jusai (Dragon) Masters of the CourtKitsuki Kagi (Dragon) The Emperor's LegionKitsuki Shomon (Dragon) Underhand of the EmperorKitsuki Yaruma (Dragon) Tears of AmaterasuKitsuki Yuikimi (Dragon) Bonds of BloodKitsuki's Method (Dragon) CoreKnow the Terrain (Unicorn) Shoju's DutyKnow the World (Phoenix) CoreKobo Ichi-Kai Jūjutsu (Crab) Clan WarsKudaka (Neutral) Breath of the KamiKujira's Hireling (Neutral) Children of the EmpireKuni Laboratory (Crab) All and NothingKuni Purifier (Crab) Campaigns of ConquestKuni Ritsuko (Crab) Meditations on the EphemeralKuni Silencer (Crab) Clan WarsKuni Wasteland (Crab) Defenders of RokuganKuni Yori (Crab) Tainted LandsKuroi Mori (Phoenix) CoreKyūden Bayushi (Scorpion) Underhand of the EmperorKyūden Hida (Crab) Defenders of RokuganKyūden Ikoma (Lion) The Emperor's LegionKyūden Isawa (Phoenix) Disciples of the VoidKyūden Kakita (Crane) Masters of the CourtKyofuki's Hammer (Phoenix) Campaigns of ConquestLeniency (Unicorn) Children of the EmpireLet Go (Dragon) CoreLetter from the Daimyō (Crane) Masters of the CourtLevy (Crab) CoreLiar's Mask (Scorpion) Underhand of the EmperorLicensed Quarter (Scorpion) The Children of HeavenLion's Pride Brawler (Lion) CoreLocal Daimyō's Retainer (Crane) Campaigns of ConquestLogistics (Lion) Spreading ShadowsLost Papers (Neutral) In Pursuit of TruthLoyal Challenger (Scorpion) Children of the EmpireMagistrate of Reason (Dragon) For the EmpireMagistrate Station (Crane) Elements UnboundMagistrate's Intervention (Phoenix) AtonementMagnificent Kimono (Phoenix) CoreMagnificent Lighthouse (Phoenix) For Honor and GloryMagnificent Triumph (Dragon) Children of the EmpireMake an Opening (Scorpion) Underhand of the EmperorMake Your Case (Neutral) Twisted LoyaltiesMaker of Keepsakes (Crane) Masters of the CourtMakeshift War Camp (Lion) In Pursuit of TruthManicured Garden (Neutral) CoreMantis Seafarer (Neutral) The Fires WithinMantis Tenkinja (Neutral) Elements UnboundMantra of Air (Dragon) Shoju's DutyMantra of Earth (Dragon) Elements UnboundMantra of Fire (Dragon) CoreMantra of Void (Dragon) In Pursuit of TruthMantra of Water (Dragon) Into the Forbidden CityMarauding Oni (Neutral) Tainted LandsMark of Shame (Scorpion) All and NothingMarket of Kaze-no-Kami (Crane) Masters of the CourtMassing at Twilight (Neutral) Fate Has No SecretsMaster Alchemist (Dragon) The Fires WithinMaster of Gisei Toshi (Phoenix) Fate Has No SecretsMaster of Many Lifetimes (Dragon) As Honor DemandsMaster of the Court (Crane) As Honor DemandsMaster of the Spear (Lion) CoreMaster of the Swift Waves (Unicorn) The Ebb and FlowMaster Tactician (Lion) In Pursuit of TruthMaster Whisperer (Scorpion) Clan WarsMasterpiece Painter (Crane) Clan WarsMatsu Agetoki (Lion) Defenders of RokuganMatsu Beiona (Lion) CoreMatsu Berserker (Lion) CoreMatsu Gohei (Lion) The Emperor's LegionMatsu Koso (Lion) Seekers of WisdomMatsu Mitsuko (Lion) All and NothingMatsu Seventh Legion (Lion) Breath of the KamiMatsu Swiftspear (Lion) Justice for SatsumeMatsu Tsuko (Lion) Children of the EmpireMatsu Tsuko (Lion) The Emperor's LegionMaze of Illusion (Scorpion) Breath of the KamiMeddling Mediator (Phoenix) CoreMediator of Hostilities (Phoenix) Clan WarsMeditations on the Tao (Neutral) CoreMedium of the Living Soul (Lion) Clan WarsMeek Informant (Scorpion) Tears of AmaterasuMeishōdō Wielder (Unicorn) CoreMenacing Iron Warrior (Crane) The Ebb and FlowMercenary Company (Neutral) Campaigns of ConquestMerchant of Curiosities (Unicorn) Clan WarsMidnight Prowler (Scorpion) Children of the EmpireMidnight Revels (Neutral) Children of the EmpireMinami Kaze Regulars (Unicorn) Elements UnboundMindful Warrior (Dragon) Clan WarsMirumoto Dōjō (Dragon) Children of the EmpireMirumoto Daishō (Dragon) Children of the EmpireMirumoto Hitomi (Dragon) Children of the EmpireMirumoto Masashige (Dragon) Seekers of WisdomMirumoto Prodigy (Dragon) CoreMirumoto Raitsugu (Dragon) CoreMirumoto's Fury (Dragon) CoreMisinformation (Scorpion) Into the Forbidden CityMiwaku Kabe (Neutral) For Honor and GloryMiwaku Kabe Guard (Lion) Fate Has No SecretsMiya Library (Neutral) Children of the EmpireMiya Mystic (Neutral) CoreMiya Satoshi (Neutral) Meditations on the EphemeralMiyako's Undertaking (Scorpion) Children of the EmpireModel of Courtesy (Crane) Clan WarsMoment of Perfect Beauty (Crane) For the EmpireMonastery Protector (Dragon) Seekers of WisdomMono no Aware (Neutral) Meditations on the EphemeralMoto Ariq (Unicorn) The Emperor's LegionMoto Chagatai (Unicorn) Warriors of the WindMoto Eviscerator (Neutral) Defenders of RokuganMoto Horde (Unicorn) CoreMoto Juro (Unicorn) Fate Has No SecretsMoto Nergüi (Unicorn) Disciples of the VoidMoto Outrider (Unicorn) Shoju's DutyMoto Stables (Unicorn) Spreading ShadowsMoto Youth (Unicorn) CoreMountain's Anvil Castle (Dragon) CoreMountaintop Statuary (Dragon) The Chrysanthemum ThroneMountaintop Vigil (Dragon) Spreading ShadowsMy Ancestor's Strength (Lion) The Ebb and FlowNaive Student (Phoenix) CoreNatural Negotiator (Unicorn) The Children of HeavenNegotiation Table (Crane) Clan WarsNever Yield (Unicorn) Spreading ShadowsNezumi Infiltrator (Crab) The Ebb and FlowNight Raid (Neutral) CoreNimble Noyan (Unicorn) Honor in FlamesNinkatoshi (Lion) Rokugan at WarNiten (Dragon) Seekers of WisdomNiten Adept (Dragon) CoreNiten Master (Dragon) CoreNiten Pupil (Dragon) Bonds of BloodNoble Sacrifice (Crane) CoreNorthern Curtain Wall (Crab) Defenders of RokuganNorthern Wall Sensei (Dragon) For Honor and GloryNoteworthy Deeds (Neutral) DraftObsidian Talisman (Crab) Spreading ShadowsObstinate Recruit (Lion) CoreOffer Testimony (Neutral) Underhand of the EmperorOfushikai (Phoenix) The Ebb and FlowOne of the Forgotten (Crab) Clan WarsOni Mask (Scorpion) Meditations on the EphemeralOpen Window (Scorpion) Campaigns of ConquestOpium Wastrel (Scorpion) Underhand of the EmperorOracle of Stone (Phoenix) Tainted LandsOrigami Master (Crane) Fate Has No SecretsOrnate Fan (Neutral) CoreOtomo Courtier (Neutral) CoreOur Foe Does Not Wait (Crab) Rokugan at WarOutflank (Unicorn) A Champion's ForesightOutskirts Sentry (Unicorn) Children of the EmpireOutwit (Neutral) CoreOverhear (Neutral) The Children of HeavenOverlooked Virtues (Neutral) DraftPacifism (Phoenix) CorePacifist Philosopher (Phoenix) Disciples of the VoidPalace Guard (Scorpion) A Champion's ForesightParagon of Grace (Crane) Children of the EmpireParalyzing Delicacy (Scorpion) Rokugan at WarPathfinder's Blade (Crab) For Honor and GloryPeacemaker's Blade (Phoenix) Clan WarsPeasant's Advice (Neutral) Underhand of the EmperorPerceptive Kitsuki (Dragon) Seekers of WisdomPerfect Guest (Crane) Clan WarsPerfect Land Ethos (Neutral) All and NothingPersuasive Counselor (Lion) Shoju's DutyPetal Village Estate (Scorpion) A Champion's ForesightPilgrimage (Neutral) CorePillow Book (Crane) Meditations on the EphemeralPious Guardian (Crab) As Honor DemandsPit Trap (Crab) The Chrysanthemum ThronePledge of Loyalty (Crane) Rokugan at WarPolicy Debate (Neutral) For Honor and GloryPolitical Rival (Crane) CorePolitical Sanction (Crane) Masters of the CourtPragmatism (Crab) Elements UnboundPrayers to Ebisu (Neutral) Children of the EmpirePrepare for War (Lion) The Emperor's LegionPrepared Ambush (Lion) Rokugan at WarPress of Battle (Unicorn) Tainted LandsPrivileged Position (Lion) Clan WarsProcedural Interference (Lion) Twisted LoyaltiesProdigy of the Waves (Phoenix) Into the Forbidden CityProving Ground (Neutral) Children of the EmpirePrudent Challenger (Dragon) Children of the EmpirePublic Forum (Neutral) Into the Forbidden CityPurifier Apprentice (Crab) Defenders of RokuganPurity of Spirit (Phoenix) For the EmpireQuarrelsome Youth (Lion) A Champion's ForesightRadiant Orator (Phoenix) CoreRaging Battleground (Lion) All and NothingRaise the Alarm (Crab) For Honor and GloryRally to the Cause (Neutral) CoreRamparts of Stone (Phoenix) Clan WarsReader of Omens (Phoenix) Elements UnboundReady for Battle (Lion) CoreRebuild (Crab) CoreRecalled Defenses (Crab) Rokugan at WarReclusive Zokujin (Scorpion) Elements UnboundRegal Bearing (Lion) The Children of HeavenReinforced Plate (Crab) Defenders of RokuganRenowned Singer (Lion) Twisted LoyaltiesReprieve (Crab) CoreRestoration of Balance (Dragon) CoreRestored Heirloom (Lion) Elements UnboundRetire to the Brotherhood (Phoenix) Spreading ShadowsRetreat (Neutral) Masters of the CourtReturn From Shadows (Crab) In Pursuit of TruthReturn the Offense (Crane) Clan WarsRevered Ikoma (Lion) Twisted LoyaltiesRide at Dawn (Unicorn) Campaigns of ConquestRide Them Down (Unicorn) Fate Has No SecretsRight Hand of the Emperor (Lion) The Emperor's LegionRighteous Akodo (Lion) Clan WarsRighteous Delegate (Phoenix) The Children of HeavenRighteous Magistrate (Neutral) Children of the EmpireRighteous Samurai (Lion) AtonementRing of Binding (Unicorn) Warriors of the WindRiot in the Streets (Neutral) For Honor and GloryRising Stars Kata (Dragon) The Children of HeavenRiver of the Last Stand (Crab) Defenders of RokuganRoadside Inn (Crab) Clan WarsRoot Out Heresy (Crab) Shoju's DutyRout (Neutral) CoreRoving Michibiku (Phoenix) Elements UnboundSaadiyah al-Mozedu (Unicorn) Warriors of the WindSabotage (Neutral) Tainted LandsSacred Sanctuary (Dragon) Breath of the KamiSadane Student (Crane) The Fires WithinSage of Gisei Toshi (Phoenix) Children of the EmpireSake House Confidant (Scorpion) Meditations on the EphemeralSake House Smuggler (Crab) Clan WarsSamurai of Integrity (Lion) The Emperor's LegionSanpuku Seidō (Phoenix) Disciples of the VoidSashimono (Lion) CoreSavvy Politician (Crane) CoreScene of the Crime (Dragon) For the EmpireScholar of Old Rempet (Unicorn) In Pursuit of TruthScouted Terrain (Unicorn) Rokugan at WarSeal of the Crab (Crab) Into the Forbidden CitySeal of the Crane (Crane) Tears of AmaterasuSeal of the Dragon (Dragon) Meditations on the EphemeralSeal of the Lion (Lion) Fate Has No SecretsSeal of the Phoenix (Phoenix) The Chrysanthemum ThroneSeal of the Scorpion (Scorpion) For Honor and GlorySeal of the Unicorn (Unicorn) Meditations on the EphemeralSecluded Shrine (Phoenix) Disciples of the VoidSecluded Temple (Dragon) CoreSecond Chances Clan WarsSecret Cache (Scorpion) CoreSeeker Initiate (Neutral) CoreSeeker of Air CoreSeeker of Earth CoreSeeker of Enlightenment (Dragon) CoreSeeker of Fire CoreSeeker of Knowledge (Phoenix) CoreSeeker of Void CoreSeeker of Water CoreSeeking the Truth (Neutral) The Ebb and FlowSeize the Day (Neutral) Clan WarsSent to their Deaths Clan WarsSententious Poet (Crane) For the EmpireSeppun Guardsman (Neutral) CoreSeppun Hidden Guard (Neutral) Children of the EmpireSeppun Ishikawa (Neutral) Fate Has No SecretsSeppun Truthseeker (Neutral) Underhand of the EmperorSerene Ise Zumi (Dragon) Rokugan at WarSerene Seer (Phoenix) Clan WarsSerene Warrior (Phoenix) CoreSeven Fold Palace (Crane) As Honor DemandsSeven Stings Keep (Scorpion) Spreading ShadowsSeventh Tower (Crab) Defenders of RokuganSevered From the Stream (Phoenix) Children of the EmpireShadow Stalker (Scorpion) Campaigns of ConquestShadow Steed (Unicorn) Honor in FlamesShadowed Alleyway (Scorpion) Clan WarsShadowlands Hunter (Crab) Defenders of RokuganShameful Display (Neutral) CoreShameless Gossip (Scorpion) For the EmpireSharing Shinsei's Wisdom (Dragon) Rokugan at WarSharpen the Mind (Lion) Justice for SatsumeSharpened Tsuruhashi (Crab) The Children of HeavenShattered Blades Clan WarsShepherd of Visages (Scorpion) Clan WarsShiba Peacemaker (Phoenix) CoreShiba Pureheart (Phoenix) AtonementShiba Sophist (Phoenix) For the EmpireShiba Tetsu (Phoenix) Disciples of the VoidShiba Tsukune (Phoenix) CoreShiba Yōjimbō (Phoenix) CoreShika Matchmaker (Neutral) Clan WarsShiksha Scout (Unicorn) The Fires WithinShinjo Altansarnai (Unicorn) CoreShinjo Altansarnai (Unicorn) As Honor DemandsShinjo Ambusher (Unicorn) Children of the EmpireShinjo Gunsō (Unicorn) Justice for SatsumeShinjo Haruko (Unicorn) Masters of the CourtShinjo Kyōra (Unicorn) For the EmpireShinjo Outrider (Unicorn) CoreShinjo Saddle (Unicorn) For Honor and GloryShinjo Scout (Unicorn) Meditations on the EphemeralShinjo Shono (Unicorn) Breath of the KamiShinjo Tatsuo (Unicorn) CoreShinjo Trailblazer (Unicorn) Warriors of the WindShinjo Yasamura (Unicorn) Defenders of RokuganShinomen Wayfinders (Unicorn) Warriors of the WindShinsei's Last Hope (Crab) Spreading ShadowsShintao Monastery (Dragon) Seekers of WisdomShiotome Encampment (Unicorn) Breath of the KamiShiotome Heroine (Unicorn) Children of the EmpireShiro Kitsuki (Dragon) A Champion's ForesightShiro Nishiyama (Crab) CoreShiro Shinjo (Unicorn) Warriors of the WindShizuka Toshi (Crane) CoreShoju's Diviner (Scorpion) Honor in FlamesShori (Lion) In Pursuit of TruthShosuro Actor (Scorpion) Clan WarsShosuro Actress (Scorpion) CoreShosuro Denmaru (Scorpion) The Emperor's LegionShosuro Hametsu (Scorpion) Children of the EmpireShosuro Hyobu (Scorpion) Warriors of the WindShosuro Ibuki (Scorpion) Justice for SatsumeShosuro Miyako (Scorpion) CoreShosuro Miyako (Scorpion) Justice for SatsumeShosuro Sadako (Scorpion) All and NothingShosuro Takao (Scorpion) Underhand of the EmperorShrewd Investigator (Dragon) In Pursuit of TruthShrewd Yasuki (Crab) CoreShrine Maiden (Phoenix) For Honor and GloryShrug off Despair (Crab) Rokugan at WarShukujo (Crane) A Champion's ForesightSiege Captain (Crab) Children of the EmpireSiege Warfare (Crab) Defenders of RokuganSilent Ones Monastery (Scorpion) In Pursuit of TruthSilver-Tongued Magistrate (Crane) Meditations on the EphemeralSincere Challenger (Phoenix) Children of the EmpireSinister Soshi (Scorpion) CoreSlaughtered Village (Crab) Clan WarsSlovenly Scavenger (Neutral) Defenders of RokuganSmoke (Dragon) The Fires WithinSmoke and Mirrors (Scorpion) Tears of AmaterasuSmuggler's Cove (Neutral) A Champion's ForesightSmuggling Deal (Crab) Children of the EmpireSneaky Shinjo (Unicorn) Tainted LandsSocial Puppeteer (Scorpion) Children of the EmpireSoftskin (Scorpion) Bonds of BloodSolemn Scholar (Phoenix) CoreSolitary Strength (Dragon) Children of the EmpireSoshi Aoi (Scorpion) Underhand of the EmperorSoshi Diviner (Scorpion) As Honor DemandsSoshi Illusionist (Scorpion) CoreSoshi Shadowshaper (Scorpion) Breath of the KamiSoshi Shiori (Scorpion) The Fires WithinSoul Beyond Reproach (Crane) The Ebb and FlowSpeak to the Heart (Unicorn) Warriors of the WindSpecialized Defenses (Crab) Elements UnboundSpectral Visitation (Lion) Spreading ShadowsSpies at Court (Neutral) CoreSpiritcaller Prodigy (Lion) AtonementSpoils of War (Unicorn) Warriors of the WindSpreading Discontent Clan WarsSpreading the Darkness (Crab) Tainted LandsSpyglass (Unicorn) CoreStaging Ground (Lion) CoreStand Your Ground (Lion) CoreStarry Heaven Sanctuary (Phoenix) The Children of HeavenStaunch Hida (Crab) Tears of AmaterasuStay Your Hand (Neutral) Children of the EmpireSteadfast Samurai (Lion) CoreSteadfast Witch Hunter (Crab) CoreSteed of the Steppes (Unicorn) Campaigns of ConquestSteward of Cryptic Lore (Phoenix) Honor in FlamesSteward of Law (Crane) CoreSteward of the Rich Frog (Lion) Justice for SatsumeStoic Gunsō (Crab) CoreStoic Magistrate (Crab) For Honor and GloryStoic Rival (Dragon) Campaigns of ConquestStoke Insurrection (Scorpion) As Honor DemandsStolen Breath (Scorpion) Underhand of the EmperorStolen Secrets (Scorpion) Underhand of the EmperorStoried Defeat (Crane) Children of the EmpireStrategic Weakpoint (Crab) A Champion's ForesightStrategizing (Lion) Clan WarsStrength in Numbers (Lion) CoreStride the Waves (Phoenix) Justice for SatsumeStudent of Anatomies (Crab) The Children of HeavenStudent of Esoterica (Phoenix) Shoju's DutyStudent of the Tao (Phoenix) In Pursuit of TruthStudent of War (Lion) Children of the EmpireStudious (Phoenix) In Pursuit of TruthStudy the Natural World (Phoenix) In Pursuit of TruthSturdy Tetsubō (Crab) Campaigns of ConquestSubdue the Spirits (Phoenix) Children of the EmpireSubterranean Guile (Crab) Defenders of RokuganSudden Tempest (Neutral) AtonementSuffer the Consequences (Scorpion) Spreading ShadowsSuperior Authority (Crane) Twisted LoyaltiesSupernatural Storm (Phoenix) CoreSupport of the Crab Defenders of RokuganSupport of the Crane Masters of the CourtSupport of the Dragon Seekers of WisdomSupport of the Lion The Emperor's LegionSupport of the Phoenix Disciples of the VoidSupport of the Scorpion Underhand of the EmperorSupport of the Unicorn Warriors of the WindSwift Magistrate (Unicorn) Tears of AmaterasuTactical Ingenuity (Lion) The Emperor's LegionTactician's Apprentice (Lion) All and NothingTactician's Camp (Lion) Children of the EmpireTainted Hero (Crab) All and NothingTainted Koku (Scorpion) Tainted LandsTake Up Command (Lion) Clan WarsTalisman of the Sun (Unicorn) Meditations on the EphemeralTaoist Adept (Dragon) Seekers of WisdomTaryū-Jiai (Phoenix) Elements UnboundTattered Missive (Neutral) Into the Forbidden CityTattooed Wanderer (Dragon) CoreTeachings of the Elements (Phoenix) Tainted LandsTears of Amaterasu (Neutral) Tears of AmaterasuTemple of Daikoku (Neutral) Clan WarsTemple of Jikoju (Neutral) Clan WarsTemple of Osano-wo (Neutral) Clan WarsTemple of Shinsei's Wisdom (Neutral) Clan WarsTemple of the Dragons (Neutral) Children of the EmpireTemple of the Thunders (Neutral) Clan WarsTengu Sensei (Crane) Elements UnboundTest of Courage (Lion) Into the Forbidden CityTest of Skill (Crane) Fate Has No SecretsThe Art of Peace (Crane) CoreThe Art of War (Lion) CoreThe Crashing Wave (Crab) Clan WarsThe Fires of Justice (Lion) Children of the EmpireThe Imperial Palace (Neutral) The Chrysanthemum ThroneThe Mirror's Gaze (Crane) Breath of the KamiThe Mountain Does Not Fall (Crab) CoreThe Path of Man (Phoenix) Disciples of the VoidThe Perfect Gift (Crane) CoreThe Pursuit of Justice (Neutral) Campaigns of ConquestThe Receding Tide (Phoenix) As Honor DemandsThe Roar of the Lioness (Lion) Honor in FlamesThe Spear Rushes Forth (Crane) Masters of the CourtThe Stone of Sorrows (Dragon) Fate Has No SecretsThe Strength of the Mountain (Crab) Defenders of RokuganThe Wealth of the Crane (Crane) In Pursuit of TruthThe Wrath of the Kami (Dragon) The Fires WithinThird Tower Guard (Crab) Breath of the KamiThird Whisker Sneak (Crab) In Pursuit of TruthThird Whisker Warrens (Crab) Defenders of RokuganThose Who Serve (Neutral) The Emperor's LegionThunder Guard Elite (Scorpion) Spreading ShadowsTime for War (Lion) Tears of AmaterasuTireless Sōdan Senzo (Lion) The Ebb and FlowTogashi Acolyte (Dragon) Seekers of WisdomTogashi Gaijutsu (Dragon) Seekers of WisdomTogashi Hoshi (Dragon) Seekers of WisdomTogashi Ichi (Dragon) Shoju's DutyTogashi Initiate (Dragon) CoreTogashi Kazue (Dragon) CoreTogashi Mendicant (Dragon) Meditations on the EphemeralTogashi Mitsu (Dragon) All and NothingTogashi Mitsu (Dragon) Seekers of WisdomTogashi Tadakatsu (Dragon) Disciples of the VoidTogashi Yokuni (Dragon) CoreTogashi Yoshi (Dragon) The Children of HeavenToshi Ranbo (Scorpion) For the EmpireTotal Warfare (Lion) The Emperor's LegionTrading on the Sand Road (Neutral) Warriors of the WindTranquil Philosopher (Dragon) Children of the EmpireTranquility (Dragon) CoreTransgression of Honor Clan WarsTraveling Philosopher (Dragon) Spreading ShadowsTreasured Gift (Crane) AtonementTrick of the Light (Phoenix) Clan WarsTrue Strike Kenjutsu (Lion) Children of the EmpireTrusted Advisor (Dragon) Justice for SatsumeTruthseeker (Dragon) The Children of HeavenTry Again Tomorrow (Crane) Children of the EmpireTsuma (Crane) In Pursuit of TruthTwilight Rider (Unicorn) Spreading ShadowsTwo-Heavens Technique (Dragon) Bonds of BloodUjik Tactics (Unicorn) Justice for SatsumeUnassuming Yōjimbō (Scorpion) CoreUnbridled Ambition (Scorpion) AtonementUnder Siege (Lion) Campaigns of ConquestUnfulfilled Duty (Unicorn) Bonds of BloodUnhallow (Phoenix) Honor in FlamesUnified Company (Lion) A Champion's ForesightUnleash the Djinn (Unicorn) Elements UnboundUnmask (Scorpion) Children of the EmpireUnmatched Expertise (Phoenix) Children of the EmpireUnquestioned Heritage (Dragon) Clan WarsUnspoken Etiquette (Scorpion) The Children of HeavenUntamed Steppe (Unicorn) Bonds of BloodUnveiled Destiny (Neutral) Children of the EmpireUnyielding Sensei (Crab) Defenders of RokuganUpholding Authority (Neutral) Tainted LandsUpholding Bushidō Clan WarsUtaku Battle Steed (Unicorn) Warriors of the WindUtaku Infantry (Unicorn) CoreUtaku Kamoko (Unicorn) Children of the EmpireUtaku Mediator (Unicorn) The Chrysanthemum ThroneUtaku Rumaru (Unicorn) Bonds of BloodUtaku Tetsuko (Unicorn) Underhand of the EmperorUtaku Yumino (Unicorn) CoreValiant Oathkeeper (Phoenix) Bonds of BloodVanguard Warrior (Crab) CoreVassal Fields (Neutral) Children of the EmpireVenerable Fortunist (Neutral) Clan WarsVenerable Historian (Lion) CoreVengeful Berserker (Crab) CoreVengeful Oathkeeper (Lion) CoreVeteran of Toshi Ranbo (Crane) Campaigns of ConquestVice Proprietor (Scorpion) Clan WarsVine Tattoo (Dragon) Seekers of WisdomVisiting Advisor (Unicorn) Warriors of the WindVoice of Honor (Crane) CoreVoice of the Ancestors (Lion) The Emperor's LegionVoid Fist (Dragon) All and NothingVolcanic Troll (Dragon) The Ebb and FlowWalking the Way (Neutral) Disciples of the VoidWandering Mediator (Phoenix) Rokugan at WarWandering Ronin (Neutral) CoreWaning Hostilities (Neutral) Fate Has No SecretsWar Dog Master (Unicorn) Into the Forbidden CityWarden of the Damned (Crab) Justice for SatsumeWarm Welcome (Neutral) Children of the EmpireWarrior Poet (Unicorn) CoreWarriors of the Wind (Unicorn) Warriors of the WindWatch Commander (Crab) CoreWatchtower of Valor (Crab) Defenders of RokuganWaterfall Tattoo (Dragon) As Honor DemandsWay of the Chrysanthemum (Neutral) The Chrysanthemum ThroneWay of the Crab (Crab) CoreWay of the Crane (Crane) CoreWay of the Dragon (Dragon) CoreWay of the Lion (Lion) CoreWay of the Open Hand (Unicorn) Clan WarsWay of the Phoenix (Phoenix) CoreWay of the Scorpion (Scorpion) CoreWay of the Unicorn (Unicorn) CoreWay Station Trader (Unicorn) Clan WarsWay With Words (Scorpion) In Pursuit of TruthWayfarer's Camp (Unicorn) Justice for SatsumeWeb of Lies (Scorpion) Elements UnboundWeight of Duty (Neutral) AtonementWhite Horde Vanguard (Unicorn) Rokugan at WarWholeness of the World (Phoenix) Disciples of the VoidWicked Tetsubō (Crab) The Fires WithinWild Stallion (Unicorn) Warriors of the WindWildfire Kick (Dragon) Seekers of WisdomWind's Path (Unicorn) Spreading ShadowsWinds of Change (Phoenix) Breath of the KamiWindswept Yurt (Unicorn) Tears of AmaterasuWinter Court Hosts (Crane) Masters of the CourtWithstand the Darkness (Crab) A Champion's ForesightWorldly Shiotome (Unicorn) AtonementWrit of Authority (Lion) Tainted LandsWritten in the Stars (Dragon) Meditations on the EphemeralYōjin no Shiro (Lion) CoreYasuki Broker (Crab) Elements UnboundYasuki Fuzake (Crab) Masters of the CourtYasuki Hatsu (Crab) Shoju's DutyYasuki Hikaru (Crab) The Emperor's LegionYasuki Oguri (Crab) Underhand of the EmperorYasuki Procurer (Crab) Children of the EmpireYasuki Taka (Crab) Fate Has No SecretsYogo Asami (Scorpion) Defenders of RokuganYogo Hiroue (Scorpion) CoreYogo Kikuyo (Scorpion) Disciples of the VoidYogo Outcast (Scorpion) CoreYogo Preserver (Scorpion) Bonds of BloodYoritomo (Neutral) The Ebb and FlowYoung Harrier (Crane) Fate Has No SecretsYoung Rumormonger (Scorpion) CoreYoung Warrior (Unicorn) Warriors of the Wind