By: Brontobeuf
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Kitsu Bronto was laying down on his wooden bed, his eyes closed and his breath slowed down to the minimum. Speaking with the dead is quite easy, the difficulty resides in not angering them and in getting the right information out of them.
[continue reading]> The Red Lion's wrath was palpable in each of his words: "My comrades on the battlefield warned me to let go."
That was his voice, no doubt about it! The temperature in the bedroom dropped suddenly.

"But I couldn't", he finished. "I had to keep fighting. I couldn't resign to be defeated."
Bronto knew the Matsu wouldn't share his knowledge if he was obsessed by the reason of his death.
"You had an honorable way to leave the battlefield," he said with a peaceful tone. "Everybody acknowledged it and the new generations of warriors will sing the legend of how you died, Red Lion. Favor me in sharing your strategy with me."

He waited for an answer, hoping this would allow the spirit to share his expertise. After all the Red Lion was one of best strategist of his generation, paired with a sharp tactician.
"The Unicorn clan must win in the first two hours of a battle," the spirit explained. Kitsu Bronto felt a relief.
"It's a very simple fact that cavalry wins quickly, he continued. On the other hand, the Scorpion Clan will try to drag the battle to the night. When your opponent is tired, how could he fight in the dark?"

It felt simple said like that, yet, Bronto never thought about battles in terms of length. For him, it was all about preparing the body, the soul and the blade for the action to come.

"The Crane and the Phoenix will try to win in five or six hours, while the Crab will fight as long as necessary."
Bronto wondered about the Dragons, but didn't dare to interrupt the dead Lion.
"This leaves us room for victory in the 3 or 4 hour range," concluded the Matsu. "Our generals know that."

"What about honor?" asked Bronto.
"Honor is like sand in your hand," he answered. "You can try to hold it, but eventually, it will escape your grasp. In other words, at the court or on the battlefield, it is much easier to lose your honor rather than respecting the bushido. You have to accept this, and use it against your opponent."

The young shugenja remembered that the Red Lion, while very much honorable, was able to behave like a Scorpion when needed. Using shame or a sharp sentence in the Court could be as efficient as a hundred men.
"This is why you failed," the Red Lion suddenly said.
"You fought honorably during three days. You managed to keep the sand in your hand and gained the respect of your family. You have proven many times that you don't need to be a great warrior to bring honor to your clan."

When he heard this, Kitsu Bronto let a tear roll down to his ear. His concentration started to flicker. He felt pride, of course, but he also felt the pain of the wound he had in his stomach, remembering the real reason for this encounter. He had used a simple water spell to ignore the pain, but its effects were vanishing.

He managed to refocus and asked a last question. The only question that mattered.

"Is it difficult to die?"
No answer.
He insisted: "Am I gonna die?"

"The first Dragon warrior that you faced wounded you deeply, young shugenja," said the ghastly voice.
"Then you kept fighting by my side, by our side, more than five opponents. You defeated two of them, and I must say, in the most honorable way I've seen. But eventually, you will not be able to fight on the second day of the Battle of the Winter Court."

The Kitsu knew it, but couldn't swallow the bitter truth.

"Like me," concluded the Red Lion.

When Kitsu Bronto openned his eyes, he could see the shape of the Red Lion in front of him. A lot of spirits were also present, standing next to his flat and simple bed. He saw his mother, from whom he got the rare Kitsu blood, and his father who taught him everything about a katana. He saw all the lions who died with him on the first day and he was about to join them in the afterlife. From there, he would observe the end of the battle.

He died honorably, and that's all he needed to know to dampen his frustration from not being able to be fighting on the second day of the battle of the Winter Court.
By: Brontobeuf
Added: 24 minutes ago
This deck is real strong and deserved a better result than 3-3. The pilot is to blame here, as one of the flaw of this deck is that mistakes are even worst than they usually are.
Its strength is to be able to defeat anyone, Unicorns included, [continue reading]on the first battle of the second turn.

I'd remove Command Respect (for 1 Way of the Chrysanthemum, and 1 Contingency Plan) and add Hero of the Three Tree (not sure where).

Thanks to all the people who spent time with me, and all of my very honorable opponents. I had a blast attending this event! :)
Added: 1 hour ago
Great write up and well played mate! We were all watching Chaterve's blow by blow in discord as you played the Shogun and I remember the mill defence on box. For a moment we dared to dream, but alas, Kori Mori strikes again. Top 8 is sensational and [continue reading]you are more very much an honorary Khan
By: IsawaEJ
Added: 10 hours ago

Speaking from a general Phoenix point of view, and at a very basic level:
1) Ancient Master for favour grab to turn on Censure
2) Phoenix can handle that many holdings as generally wants one big character a turn. [continue reading] /> 3) Ancestral Shrine to stop Scorpion dishonour
By: Zukin
Added: 14 hours ago
Edited: 14 hours ago

1) I believe ancient masters are a 1 drop with 2 glory. This can easily win you the imperial favor at the end of the turn. Not a typo.

2) They may all be low cost. But the majority are Shugenja. This means Superna [continue reading]tural Storm recursion with the stronghold could quite easily give you 4+ skill per play.

3) No, I don't think his plan was to win via Honor. I believe the plan was to secure the favor every turn aggressively, to utilise Kanjo district whenever it flipped and have maximum uptime on Censure. Spam cheap Shugenja and break provinces with Supernatural Storm. Tons of action advantage with Clarity and Against the waves.

Ancestral Shrine allows you to trade rings for honor. If you're going to win the favour on glory count alone. You can trade honor for card draw next phase.

That's what I can hazard a guess at.
By: EdTheMad
Added: 15 hours ago
Edited: 15 hours ago
I have some questions about this deck, if anyone could answer i would really appreciate:

1) Why Ancient Masters? He has no Tatoo or Kiho in deck. He could have used Tatooed Wanderer instead. Typo maybe?

2) Thats a lot of hol [continue reading]dings with 13 characters that cost 2 or less. Very easily be locked out with a bad dynasty turn. He has no very high cost conflict card outside Isawa Tadaka to dump the fate he didnt use on dynasty.

3) Is his plan to win via Honor? Ancestral Shrine + Hantei + Some very defensive cards make it look probable maybe?
By: Draz999
Added: 17 hours ago
Day1 - 5W - 1L
Round 1 = LOSS against Unicorn
Round 2 = WIN against Unicorn
Round 3 = WIN against Lion
Round 4 = WIN against Scorpion
Round 5 = WIN against Scorpion
Round 6 = WIN against Scorpion

Day 2 [continue reading]
Top 64 = WIN against Lion
Top 32 = LOSS against OP Crane :)
By: LuAn
Added: 23 hours ago
Switch to Keeper of Void. Contemplating switching to Phoenix splash or Jurōjin's Curse.
Added: 1 day ago
Adjustments have been made to this janky Lion deck of mine. Enjoy

Added: 1 day ago
Well done! Really chuffed for you!
By:  Boocheck
Added: 1 day ago
I really need some more information about Hantei. In my local meta, he is not played at all.
Added: 1 day ago
Added: 3 days ago
As some one who only ran Dimir in all three Ravnica sets I appreciate a slow patient deck that just grinds and drains an opponent to death. And this deck looks like it'd just suck the life out of anyone foolish enough to try and break it's defenses.
By: Lunar Biscuit
Added: 3 days ago
Update: Removed desolation and a levy for x2 fruitful respite for more value generating options
Added: 4 days ago
Hey RoninRosko saw your comment, and honestly it's just a good card to have. In my past games I've been getting a lot of work out of my Wayfinder and Meishodo Weilder especially if I can give them a Force of the River that being able to unbow them is [continue reading] nice. Or if I run into a strong Shug on the opposite side of the table I can now them instead. AtW is just good Phoenix splash utility.
Added: 4 days ago
Looks fun!

What kind of results are you getting with it?
Added: 4 days ago
Hey Booth,

I'm gonna build this deck and have some fun with it. Just one question - why have you included Against the Waves here? You only have 9 shugenja in total in your deck.

Added: 5 days ago
Hey Skywa, saw your questions about the deck, firstly don't worry about the language barrier I understood you fine.

-So the high number of characters and lack of Yurts kind of go hand in hand. This deck is a swarm type deck so I want mor [continue reading]e people than holdings, most those people being cheap 1-2 cost characters. The first round tends to be kind of soft in terms of buying characters, so you can build up a fate pool to surge in the second round, though you aren't required too it is a good idea.

Part of keeping cost low is that the majority of my characters are only 1 or two drops who aside from Boarder Rider will never really come in with fate on them. Also Those Who Serve helps to lower everyone's cost for me too which is why I adjusted the deck to carry a full set.

The idea is to overwhelm your opponent with a fleet of little guys in high volume and as I've experienced both with and against this deck, not only is that easy to do it is frightening just how up tempo this deck can be. Winning on Round 2 is surprisingly easy.

-Now you asked about Gateway to Meido, as my restricted. That one was done by the man who's deck mine is based off of. He used it to flood the board with little swarmy guys that were discarded after the first round, and never really used them to defend but rather as a means to build up his forces (Which is another reason to not spend to heavy in the first round). Since the deck doesn't defend conflicts meido is a one use at best but it gives more value than Appealing to the Fortunes in that it can give me more characters and doesn't run the rick of all my dynasty cards on my province row being face down thus making Appealing to the Fortunes kinda' useless.

-In regards to the no five drops. That one I feel is more about cost efficiency, as Chag would be the only 5 drop you'd want in this deck. I know the Kaze Regulars are nice but they are to expensive for a deck that wants to play very very very fast, and that means more weenies than bigs in your dynasty. Now Shono is here cus Shono is awesome, and Shahai gives me so much as well with both her effects, that having a full set of either doesn't hurt the deck. Though if you wanted a 5 drop Chagatai I would say drop Shahai for him since she is more expendable than Shono, who's ability is a critical piece of the decks overwhelming swarm strategy.

Ultimately the lack of 5 drops comes down to cost efficiency more than anything, but a swap of Shahai for Chag is doable.

-Your final question was about Tetsuko and Nergui and why only singles. The biggest reason is because my nameless horde of little guys matter more so having a full set of either actually weakens the deck more than it helps. In my experience against this deck's forebearer as well as my play tests with this deck (though not it's most recent updated version...yet), neither Tetsuko nor Nergui were crucial to my victory, in fact I won just fine without them. Having them still is a nice boon so a single copy of either if perfectly alright, and hey if they get flushed out by my Gunso's then I can always Cav Reserve them back into the conflict.

Honestly the most important Unicorn Personality here is Shinjo Shono, since his ability helps to pump my swarm of little guys and for this deck that means more than the effects of the other three personalities.

-Now I know you didn't ask this but I mentioned it, in that you could use Chagatai. If that were the case I would recommend switching your restricted card to Charge though you'd have to change out a few cards in your conflict. Also you'd want to drop Shahai which is fine. It'll suck not having covert or the potential free Talisman of the Sun but you should be able to work around that. Use Appealing to the Fortunes as your Void Province if that is the case, but honestly I like what Meido gives me more so I'm okay with keeping my deck the way it is at the moment.

I hope I was able to answers all of your questions, and thank you for asking them. I hope you enjoy the deck if you do decide to give it a try too.

Added: 5 days ago
Firstly, I am French so excuse me if my english is not good.
Secondly, I have a lot of questions about this deck and these results.

Why so many characters in the dynasty?
How could you pay the cost of the conflic [continue reading]t deck without the Yourt in your holdings ?
Why have you choose this restricted card ?
Why no character with a cost of 5 ?
Why do you play each best charaters (Moto Nergui, Utaku Tetsuko) in one copy ?

Thanks to read me
Added: 5 days ago
I rarely play two drops that are not my standard two copies of Asako Tsuki, but he's been the next in line if I am planning to play a couple of cards to support Tsukune. He's a fine as a second string bushi.
The times I have played him, he was [continue reading]alright. Nothing spectacular, but he did good work drawing me a card or two over its lifespan. Sometimes you get to honor him with purity of spirit or Tsuki and he'll shine pretty brightly.
Added: 6 days ago
New changes made to the deck once again. swapped Shinjo Outrider for Honest Challenger, and dropped both Pacifism cards to give me a full set of Cav reserves and Those who serve.

Added: 6 days ago
I have considered but have not tested that card as of yet. The two cost along with the restrictions around participating and contested ring and that it offers no other synergy have not made the card appealing to me. What is your experience with it.
Added: 1 week ago
Fair enough. One last thing: You have 9 conflict cards that are fire, and 9 conflict cards that are water. Have you considered playing Shiba sophist? He should be able to fish cards in those two types roughly 3 out of 4 times.
Added: 1 week ago
I get great draw from the shrine maiden hits and library. And the fate boost from inquisitive, awakened and embrace. So I'm feeling good with playing this out of Phoenix.
Added: 1 week ago
I feel this is way, way better out of Dragon than it is out of Phoenix. The Agatha line of shugenja has multiples that can go find katana of fire and some others that are just good out of the box like fire alchemist or doomed shugenja. On top of that [continue reading], you have access to Niten Master who likes Katana of Fire for being a weapon to unbow with.
Added: 1 week ago
Once again more changes now that Lion pack is out, I've dropped the Shrine Maidens cus they are kinda meh to me personally and added dupes of Those Who Serve which is really just a great card for this deck
By: Togashi Maku
Added: 1 week ago
Edited: 1 week ago
Help me understand this deck. Why no Rising Stars Kata? No dueling payoffs? No court games? Little hand peeking?

A dueling deck is foreign to me, as I am used to standing up with niten master, or mad monk payoffs with void fist and the l [continue reading]ike. So, please don't take this as criticism-- I don't really know what I'm talking about with dueling. Just help me understand the choices.
Added: 1 week ago
Made adjustments, added some Censures, another curved blade and second Talisman
Added: 1 week ago
Thanks for the nice comments. In order:
- I will mulligan away the attachments as much as I can as I am often spending my fate on buying a character on the first turn and think the events and feral ningyo are more important to find (doesn't hur [continue reading]t to improve illustrous forge). Dynasty mulligan depends on the opposition. I will try to find solemn scholar/prodigy of the waves and Secluded shrine if I happen to find one of the two in the flip. If I don't have either, I'll go with a 3 drop plus a 1 drop opening.
- I will pretty much always go first given the option. Ethereal dreamer and Ujina benefit from it pretty significantly.
- As mentioned above, I am frequently buying a 3 drop and a 1 drop on turn one, or a prodigy of the waves with 3 fate. I am also a fan of buying a couple of 1 drops with 2 fate each.
- When I own smuggler's Cove, I will definitely try it in this list. I want more movement options available to me.

This was just a fun idea I was working with, partially inspired by a local phoenix player who goes way more all in than I do. I have been playing a couple of games with it and think there are many improvements to make here.
Idea 1: Drop one ready for battle. It's not needed. Run the third Magnificent kimono instead.
Idea 2: Though it pains me, I think you could cut 1 of the fallen in battle for a card that helps my conflicts. I could see the same for the censures. You could probably lose one and play another card over it that helps me win conflicts.
Idea 3: I want the third ancestral shrine and think I should shave off a forgotten library for an ancestral shrine.

While I think my previously posted deck is much stronger, this one is quite fun. Between the two of them, adorned barcha is a stronger card by a lot, in particular because it helps me win conflicts beyond the stat boost. Not having access to embrace the void really hurts too. The fate situation is worse than in the other list, and I do feel that 2-3 fate you would gain from it by the third turn.
By: Tsuruchi Hikari
Added: 1 week ago
This decks looks really cool to play! Thank you for sharing, my dear Shiba brother!
By: Strange1
Added: 1 week ago
I might suggest finding room for Smuggler’s Cove in your lineup. Based on the unbow, it’s just one more way to get into a conflict. Plus if they move or disguise out, you can leave as well. Otherwise, looks neat.
By: NikolaP
Added: 1 week ago
Love this deck, as many of your previous ones. What is the game plan here (mulligan, first player, dynasty phase play first turn)? Cheers!
Added: 1 week ago
Hey man don't feel bad if the big Hida doesn't jive with your deck, maybe drop him for something else that works better. It might not hurt to add another little guy to curb any spending on big crabs. As for BLD yes that card is bonkers and to the bes [continue reading]t of my knowledge a Crab standard in all decks. Can't wait to use her and others with that new carb event that is just Mountain but for everyone. Aaaaaarrrrrggggg why is Crab pack not out yet!!!!!!
Added: 1 week ago
Thanks man. I enjoyed playing with it and it all started with your deck Boothberry! I take minimal credit for deck design and just sort of tinkered around the edges of yours, and some of the recent pre-RL decks until I found a balance I liked.
[continue reading]
The only character who didn’t see any play at all was the intimidating hida. He popped up in provinces once or twice, but I always felt other options were better. MVP character wise was the borderlands defender. Once combined with mdnf she is a real force to be reckoned with.

Spreading the Darkness I think is a great card. Yes, the honour hit is big, but the additional safety it provides makes me feel a lot more comfortable.
Added: 2 weeks ago
And yes Spreading Darkness is a good thing to have in a ...pinch
Added: 2 weeks ago
Dude I dig your deck's design. It looks like a meeeeaaaannn Crab deck that can just hurt people all kinds of ways
Added: 2 weeks ago
Very good point. I have made a few changes to attempt to add a bit more muscle. It may not work or prove to be difficult to set up but I’ll try it out for a few games at least.
Added: 2 weeks ago
I think the big problem with Justicars Approach is that you have to have some truly monstrous Courtiers around to make it worthwhile. You have 7 different courtiers in your deck (I think), but 4 of them have 0 military skill (Delegate, Whisperer, Riv [continue reading]al, and Arbiter), while the Savvy politican has 1, Kageyu 2, and Daisetsu 3, which might make it difficult to get that card to stick and be effective. Very problematic if you can make it work though.
By: SirLargeness
Added: 3 weeks ago
i attach pacifism to them
Added: 3 weeks ago
Edited: 3 weeks ago
I run a very similar deck. I was curious was the choice of using cunning magistrate over say a fate worse than death or forged edict a meta choice? If not why did you choose that at your restricted card?
Added: 3 weeks ago
I am not so sure about including Uona. The five air cards in question are expensive and are not cards you can spew off for Uona's effect. The mirror's gaze wants a body that sticks around for a couple of turns. Cloud the mind is an important tool aga [continue reading]inst a select number of characters. These are limits that are put on Uona's ability.
There's also the question on what card you take out to add Uona in. I don't like her over any of the 1 cost characters in there because those are just better deals for your fate investment. You could perhaps play her over an acolyte, but that card is very powerful in its own right and dodges assassination.

Overall, I don't think she's a good fit here. I could see playing her if I had air cards like Benten's touch to work with. Perhaps for a different deck?
By: NikolaP
Added: 3 weeks ago
You have 5 Air cards in you conflict deck, so would at least one Uona be a consideration?
Added: 3 weeks ago
How do you deal with blockers, besides Nergui? Is Challenge on the field a viable card to help shore defensive players?
Added: 3 weeks ago
Fro is the man! Deck high rolls like a champ!
By: Nimuro
Added: 3 weeks ago
Why don't use Ikoma Ikehata if is honor?
Added: 3 weeks ago
Added a Way of the Unicorn to help keep the tempo and also give the deck an edge in the mirror match
Added: 3 weeks ago
So this goes out to everyone who has cloned this deck the two Wardens have been replaced by two Guardian Kami as I feel their lower cost and synergy with Yasuki Broker plus the auto ring trigger effect of the Kami themselves is more beneficial to the [continue reading] deck.

Added: 4 weeks ago
Edited: 3 weeks ago
To make room for the IW and HP just drop down to 1 fan, 3 swords and no method. You already have seal which gives a pol stat bump. So 1 fan will be enough. And without NM you don't need more than 3 swords. Plus it reduces the cost of your deck a litt [continue reading]le.
Another option is to drop/reduce Hawk tattoo. It's great to get around covert, or in dueling focused decks. But in your's you have plenty of anti-bow/ready actions. So your likely to already be in the conflict if you want to be.
A 3rd option is to drop Kazu and/or kasori. I like both of these cards, but the deck doesn't need them to function. The best thing you can do is test and see. Tweak it, and test again.

As for SS I had the same trepidation, untill I played it that way. It is incredibly strong, because it almost guarantees a defender, and a little protection on top of that. Save back a VF or 2 and one personality can defend SH all on their own. It rarely comes down to just one extra point of force.

Cloud the mind is a auto include IMO. There are just too many characters out there that need to be delt with. And cloud is the most direct way to do that. And dragon is a clan with no shortage of shugenja to pull it off.
Added: 4 weeks ago
Holdings give great support to our big dueling guys. As I said , you have to commit 100% in the dh strategy. Every single holding helps towards that . I usually buy max 1 char per turn , some times 0 . If u ve already built a big dude, u don't care a [continue reading]bout full holding flop. I m pretty fine with 2 TW. Didn't need more. Their main usage are to poke with and take fate from rings , but I very often have other chars to do that as well. Remember that every char apart from your build-up dueling dudes are supportive ( poke , deny break, useful abilities)
Added: 4 weeks ago
Thanks for the replay Turtle_Dude!

The issue I have with SS is that I'm not very impressed by its 2 str which is simply not enough for the box in my eyes. But I never tested it then.

I'm always unsure about Seeker. I want he [continue reading]r to be good but she's rarely worth it. I did had a play with two of her and 5 fate on rings but that happens too rarely so she would be the first thing to drop when changing Dynasty.

When adding another HP and IW what would you recommend to drop instead? Or is it ok to go to 43+ cards with Dragon? I put in CtM to see how well it can work. I think I have enough Shugenja to pull it off but didn't tested it yet.