About the Deck Export
The core deck export includes the dynasty deck, the conflict deck, the role card, the stronghold card, and the province deck.
Loading the Export to Tabletop Simulator
The exported .json file can be found within your downloads folder. You will want to move this to the 'Saved Objects' folder for Tabletop Simulator, which, on Windows, typically is found at \Documents\My Games\Tabletop Simulator\Saves\Saved Objects
Components Included in the Export
1. Playmat
2. Fate tokens
3. Honor tokens
4. Dishonor Status tokens
5. Honor Status tokens
6. Each of the rings
7. First player token
8. Imperial Favor token
9. 20-sided die
10. 2 bid dials (only 1 is included for Skirmish decks)
Automated Set Up
Automated set up is done following these steps within Tabletop Simulator:

1. Spawn your bushibuilder export from the Objects > Saved Objects menu.
2. Position the bag somewhere in the middle of your table.
3. Right click on the bag and choose Get Setup Playmat.
4. This will reveal the playmat and a second bag.
5. Touch the playmat. This will orient the playmat to face your.
6. Grab the playmat and move the playmat to your desired position on the table.
7. Right click on the playmat and select either Set Up - Full or Set Up - Partial. Typically the first player to set up should do a full set up and the second player should do a Partial Set up.

Both set up options
a) Retrieves the dynasty, province and conflict decks from the bag.
b) Retrieves the stronghold and role cards from the bag (for non-Skirmish decks).
c) Retrieves the 20-sided die, the fate pool, the honor pool, the dishonor status token pool, and the honor status token pool from the bag.
d) Retrives the bid dial from the bag.

Full set up only
a) Retrieves the rings, first player token, and Imperial Favor from the bag.
All components and decks are then positioned upon and around the playmat following the rotation of the playmat. For most of the components and decks, this represents their designated position. For non-Skirmish decks, the Province deck will be positioned within the center of your playmat and cards will be spread out face down so that you may peek at them and then position them accordingly within the province row. For Skirmish decks, the provinces will be placed in position face-up. Snap points are enabled within the province row, position slightly above and to the right from where the dynasty card will sit when the province is filled (Provinces are positioned higher than dynasty cards on the playmat so that your opponent may read the name of the province).

Note that the Restore board action is intended to be used when a previously saved game is loaded or when time is rolled back, because the honor and fate counts may become dissociated from the board. This restores the counts back to normal.
Automated Cards, Decks and Components
The following actions are available on the decks and components that are included within the export. Find these within the component's context menu (right click menu).
Gain a Fate: Moves a fate from the general fate pool to the playmat's fate pool.
Gain 6 Fate: Moves 6 fate from the general fate pool to the playmat's fate pool (Skirmish decks only).
Gain an Honor: Moves an honor token from the general honor pool to the playmat's honor pool.
Gain 6 Honor: Moves 6 honor token from the general honor pool to the playmat's honor pool (Skirmish decks only).
Gain Imperial Favor: Moves the Imperial Favor token onto the playmat.
Gain First Player: Moves the First Player token onto the playmat.
Prep Board Reset: A safety check that once clicked, enables the Reset Board action within the context menu.
Reset Board: Attempts to move all of the components back to their starting position. Any deleted cards will not be reset. In most cases it is better to simply delete your existing deck and components and spawn a new bag.
Dynasty Deck
Refill Dynasty: This will fill any open province with the topmost card in the dynasty deck, from left to right. Cards are refilled facedown.
Add fate: this will place a fate token on top of the ring.
Return ring: this will move the ring to the ring's starting position based on the playmat that originally spawned it.
Fate and Honor Token
Remove to Pool: Removes the token from the game (back to the fate pool).

Add Dishonor Status: Moves 1 dishonor status token from the general pool and places in on this card.
Add Honor Status: Moves 1 honor status token from the general pool and places it on this card.
Add fate (pool): Moves 1 fate from the general fate pool and places it on this card.
Bow: Rotates the card 90 degrees.
Break: Rotates the card 180 degrees.
Buy: This removes from the CARD OWNER'S fate pool an amount of fate equal to the printed cost on the card. This will fail if the owner does not have enough fate within their fate pool. Once this action successfully invokes then it is removed from the card as an option.
Buy then fate x: Runs the Buy action, then it moves an additional amount of fate equal to x from that same person's fate pool onto the card.
Discard: Moves the card from its current position to the appropriate deck type's discard pile for that card's owner.
Gain SH Fate: Moves an amount of fate from the general fate pool to the stronghold owner's fate pile equal to the printed fate value on the stronghold.
Gain SH Honor: Moves an amount of honor from the general honor pool to the stronghold owner's honor pile equal to the printed honor value on the stronghold.
Unbow: Rotates the card -90 degrees.
Designated Positions
Due to the fact that this scripting is intended to be portable across any TTS mod, most of the Tabletop Simulator scripts are based on assumed positions in relation to the Playmat or another component. For example, scripts assume that a certain area above your Conflict deck will be your fate pool. This is the same area that is filled when the Gain SH Fate or Gain 6 Fate action is selected. This is also the area that the Fate count reads from. Know that, if you choose to located your components in other areas of the playmat that those designated, you may experience unwanted behaviors within the scripts.
Other Useful TTS Commands
Shuffle a deck: 'R'
Roll a die: 'R'
Flip a card (or anything else): 'F'
Take top card off deck: Left click and hold on deck and immediately move your mouse. This will hold onto the card until you release the clicker.
Move a deck or any component: Left click and hold on the deck or component and pause until the component is lifted into the air. This will hold onto the component until you release the clicker.
Draw a card: Hover over deck then press the 1-9 key. You will draw into your hand a number of cards equal to the number pressed.
Magnify: Alt
Peek at facedown card: Alt + Shift
Rotate: 'Q' and 'E'
Legend of the Five Rings Mods
The Bushibuilder export is built to be portable across any Legend of the Five Rings Tabletop Simulator mod. Below is a list of known mods that you may want to check out:

Draft by Anesthesia
Two-player table plus all cards and components by Anesthesia
Two-player table by CuddlyZombie
Team Conquest table by CuddlyZombie
Enlightenment table by CuddlyZombie
Special Thanks
This export would not be possible without the work of Anesthesia. Almost all card images and components that are referenced within the Bushibuilder export file were created by Anesthesia, including the card image scans.

The Legend of the Five Rings card game is designed and sold by Fantasy Flight Games. Please support this game by buying all of the L5R products that you use digitally. This Bushibuilder export feature is intended for use by people who have purchased the product and seek a digital outlet for play when they cannot play in real-life.