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of 27 players during  (Y2 Komics Elemental Championship) @ Fort Worth, TX
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by Chumbalaya  ●  7 months ago
Kyūden Isawa  ●   (3)  ●     ●  Balanced  ●  Tempo  ●  Aggression
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person  3  Adept of the Waves
person  3  Asako Tsuki
person  3  Ethereal Dreamer
person  2  Isawa Atsuko
person  3  Isawa Tadaka
person  3  Kudaka
person  3  Master of Gisei Toshi
person  3  Miya Mystic
person  3  Naive Student
person  3  Prodigy of the Waves
person  3  Solemn Scholar
place  3  Favorable Ground
place  3  Forgotten Library
place  1  Kanjo District
place  1  The Imperial Palace
attach_file  3  Cloud the Mind
attach_file  2  Embrace the Void
attach_file  3  Fine Katana
attach_file  2  Finger of Jade
attach_file  3  Ornate Fan
person  3  Feral Ningyo
person  3  Shrine Maiden
flash_on  3  Against the Waves
flash_on  1  Banzai!
flash_on  2  Censure
flash_on  2  Clarity of Purpose
flash_on  2  Consumed by Five Fires
flash_on  3  Court Games
flash_on  2  Display of Power
flash_on  3  Let Go
flash_on  3  Supernatural Storm

by Chumbalaya  ●  8 months ago
Isawa Mori Seidō  ●   (7)  ●     ●  High Glory  ●  Honor Drain  ●  Control
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person  2  Asako Diplomat
person  3  Asako Maezawa
person  3  Asako Tsuki
person  3  Ethereal Dreamer
person  3  Isawa Tadaka
person  2  Isawa Uona
person  2  Kudaka
person  3  Master of Gisei Toshi
person  3  Meddling Mediator
person  3  Miya Mystic
person  3  Naive Student
person  2  Radiant Orator
person  2  Shiba Tsukune
place  3  Favorable Ground
place  2  Forgotten Library
place  1  Kanjo District
attach_file  3  Cloud the Mind
attach_file  2  Fine Katana
attach_file  3  Mark of Shame
attach_file  2  Ornate Fan
person  1  Bayushi Collector
person  3  Feral Ningyo
person  3  Seeker of Knowledge
flash_on  3  Against the Waves
flash_on  1  Assassination
flash_on  2  Banzai!
flash_on  3  Calling in Favors
flash_on  3  Censure
flash_on  3  Clarity of Purpose
flash_on  3  Court Games
flash_on  2  Display of Power
flash_on  3  For Shame!
schedule Recent Session Reports
Elemental Championship
Stronghold: Kyūden Isawa
Date: 01/26/19 thru 01/26/19
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Occasion: Elemental Championship
Round 1 vs HMT Unicorn KoF

I lost 3 provinces early, letting them burn some essential cards. I found Tadaka and censured Captive Audience when it came to Kuroi Mori to shut down HMT. With Unicorn stalled out on my stronghold, I built up my side and won by conquest.

Round 2 vs Dragon SoV

Limited early buys and aggression to stockpile fate. I mulled for and played attachments and characters to prevent Restoration of Balance from hurting too badly. Tadaka [continue reading]showed up and prevented them from playing cards. Won by conquest.

Round 3 vs HMT Unicorn HMT KoF

Limited early buys to stockpile fate, offered token defense to keep them from breaking too much too quickly. I lost multiple defenses, but saved breaks by 1 force. I built up fated, honored characters including Master of Gisei Toshi and went on the attack and won by conquest.

Round 4 vs Crane KoA

I made some play mistakes here, namely forgetting what Cautious Scout did. Boneheaded. I face planted into Magistrate Station and later Shameful Display. Winnable game, but I got too far behind and couldn't come back in the face of honored Yoshi and Guest of Honor. I should have committed to more defense to keep the Crane from getting too far ahead. Loss by conquest.

Round 5 vs Dragon SoV

Limited early buys to conserve fate. I played attachments and characters to lessen the impact of Restoration of Balance. I bilt up fated characters to make a nice board. Consumed by Five Fires wiped out 4 fate and cleared his side. I found Tadaka to turn off all his events and found Kanjo District to break his stronghold even with Sacred Sanctuary. Won by conquest.

Top 8 vs KI Phoenix SoA

Charge and Lion splash Phoenix, so no Tadaka. I had a godawful flop and starting hand so focused on defending and getting the favor, which was managed with unbowing a shugenja at home and winning 1 ring with a Shrine Maiden. Turn 2 I found Tadaka and had the favor, so I was able to shut down pretty much anything he could try. Won by conquest since he couldn't play any cards.

Top 4 vs Crab KoW

2 clutch Displays of Power prevented the Crab from making any headway in controlling my side of the table and kept me free to go on the offensive. I passed early to deny fate and built up a pretty big fate disparity. Once I got a card advantage too, honored Tadaka/Adept of the Waves were able to smash through provinces and eventually break the stronghold.

Finals vs HMT Unicorn KoF

Rematch of the century! Unicorn came out guns blazing, but conserved many of their high impact events as much as possible to limit the impact of Tadaka when/if he arrived. I offered token defense and tried to keep pace, but gave up provinces too easily. Captive Audience is a neat way to get around Clarity of Purpose. When Tadaka and Censure didn't show up, I was unable to stop the bleeding and they were on my stronghold quickly. I didn't have enough characters or control pieces and just got run over.
Jigoku Test Games
Stronghold: Isawa Mori Seidō
Date: 11/05/18 thru 11/05/18
Location: Jigoku
Occasion: Testing
Edited: 10 months ago
Paired up against Keeper of Water Crab and Keeper of Air Phoenix.

Notable happenings this game were my opponents bidding 1 either turn 1 or turn 2 in anticipation of me hitting the brakes to drain honor when I just wanted cards to create advantage. I got pretty low on honor in both games while my opponents floated on double digits, but I used my card advantage to win conflicts and just break provinces with a bigger and better board. If I have 10+ cards in hand and my opponent does [continue reading] not, I can aggressively use policy debate to attack their hand and see what awaits me to better navigate the conflict phase. I won both games on conquest.

Probably the most interesting moment was against the other Phoenix. I got to poke water then dump 2 Ningyo and Seeker of Knowledge to break the last row province and fire off an air ring to get me back to a safe honor total.
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