Gaming Vs Cancer "Support of" Event
Stronghold: Isawa Mori Seidō
Date: 12/05/20 thru 12/06/20
Location: Rokugan
Occasion: Gaming Vs Cancer "Support of" Event
An online event to raise money for the fight against cancer. This event required contestants to use a "Support of the..." role which pretty much ensured that every deck used was designed from scratch as there are not a lot of these kind of decks on Bushi Builder.

I opted to build upon my long standing idea for a Shiba Bushi deck calling on the Support of the Lion and enjoyed moderate success, placing 8th out of 22 and scraping into the cut.

I played five games, winning [continue reading]against Crab and Dragon, and losing to Crab, Crane, and Lion. I was happy enough with my overall performance but the mistakes I made are scarred vividly into my mind!

It was a fun event, the atmosphere was great (yes, even for an online event), and I was happy enough overall with how I played.

Looking to alter the deck, I would probably look to replace the Celebrated Renowns with Seasons of War, and probably remove the Path of Man to add in an extra Ready for Battle, and possibly another Katana. I don't think I ever used the Renowns, and I never had my RfBs when I needed them!
Kyuden Minami Online Lockdown League 2
Stronghold: Seven Fold Palace
Date: 07/18/20 thru 07/18/20
Location: Rokugan
Occasion: Kyuden Minami Online Lockdown League 2
Thought I'd take my new Crane Honour Deck to our local groups online tournament and I'm happy to say it performed surprisingly well, a lot more so than I was expecting.

Played against another Crane, Dragon, and Unicorn pulling off one conquest victory and two honour wins. This deck seems quite capable of snowballing honour with the correct combination of cards and although I was drawing low most of the time, I was able to get enough addition card draw out to see the cards I needed. [continue reading]Masterpiece Painter, Artisan Academy, Winter Court Hosts, and Kakita Yoshi were quite the combo, and being supplemented with Honoured Blades, Kami Unleashed, and various other bits of card/honour drain the deck performed really well.

I'd like to tinker with it a little more as I'm still not convinced by some of the cards, but I can't complain about the victory today.
Kyuden Minami Online League, Season 1
Stronghold: Isawa Mori Seidō
Date: 02/10/20 thru 03/16/20
Location: Rokugan
Occasion: Casual Online Tournament
A fun wee online league amongst our local meta. I'm happy to say I managed to clinch it with the deciding factor being my number of most honourable victories.
November Premium Kit Event - Derby
Stronghold: Mountain's Anvil Castle
By: Merlintho
Date: 11/24/19 thru 11/24/19
Location: Boards and Swords
Occasion: November Premium Kit Event
First game was against Dragon who was using bushi and two handed technique to try and covert around defenders. Initially on the back foot and couldn't get enough honour pressure but managed to build a board including Raitsugu and Yokuni who I used to go break provinces and eventually stronghold.
Second game was also against Dragon but this time using Shiro Kitsuki, he managed to get all 3 investigators out very early but I managed to match each one with cloud the mind and he didn't get any [continue reading] let gos. again struggled to push honour so ended up breaking stronghold.
Game 3 was against Steve Yates the eventually winner and his dastardly crane, at the point he had Takamori and tea house totoriwas pretty much all over as he kept raitsugu out of conflict and kept giving back diasho.
Game 4 was against Lion, first turn toturi ran into shameful and so met him with doomed shugenja, next turn got Raitsugu with diasho and watch commander. Started to drain honour, when I played Karmic balance to remove my 4 cards and my opponents 11 he conceded to the likely honour victory.

Overall 3-1 was ok and just missed out on 2nd by .02 strength of schedule. Still struggling against crane, must improve :)
Warriors of the Wind Release Event
Stronghold: Shiro Nishiyama
Date: 10/27/19 thru 10/27/19
Location: Dice Saloon, Brighton, UK
Occasion: Warriors of the Wind Tournament
Edited: > 1 year ago
Five Representatives of the Great Clans of Rokugan met in the courts, on the plains, and at the Kaiu Wall to clash swords, and exchange barbed words. The prize? An audience with the Khan of Khans, Moto Chagatai himself.

This was the slightly delayed Dice Saloon Release Event for the Warriors of the Wind Clan Pack but we had a nice wee turn out with myself, Guy, Dan, Richard, and mysterious brother Cameron all in attendance. I ended up winning my first ever tournament today, which I [continue reading]am obviously really happy with, particularly considering that I had gone in feeling a little low on confidence having suffered 3 defeats on Jigoku in a row. It seemed that everything went my way today, and I got the cards I needed when I needed them while my opponents, particularly Cameron, drew into cards that were not particularly helpful to them.

Round 1. Win v Richard (Crane Kyuden Kakita/Dragon KoA). I don't remember all the details of this match, but I do remember that I managed to get a combination of Skirmishers and Yojimbos out who proceeded to covert his Doji Challenger who I could then bow with the Water Ring. I think I pursued this line of play on a couple of occasions due to its effectiveness. I did make a horrendous misplay early in the game, while attacking with a Yojimbo on the Marketplace I was winning the conflict but forgot there was a defender in play, thought I was breaking, and passed my action resulting the province not breaking when I had a Katana in hand that would have done the job. I worried that this would cost me the game, but I managed to hold on, ended up with first player on the Entrenched Position Stronghold with a very strong board, and Richard conceded at time.

Round 2. Win v Cameron (Crane Kyuden Kakita/Scorpion KoA). I was a bit apprehensive about playing my brother as we have had many close battles over the past few weeks on Jigoku. Things went my way in this game, and did not go his way at all. I was first player, I passed first conflict, and he attacked with a Challenger I believe into Upholding Authority enabling me to discard 2 x Kirei-Ko. The next two rounds resulted in two terrible flops for Cameron consisting of a combination of Doji Whisperers, Holdings, and Callow Delegates, while I flopped some crazy useful shit like Kisada and Borderlands Defenders or WitchHunters. The real star for me in this game was again the double combo of Unassuming Yojimbo and Hiruma Skirmishers enabling me to attack his provinces almost at will while bowing his non-fated characters using the Water Ring. I can't remember if this game ended in a concession at time, or a stronghold break for me but the outcome was a win in my favour.

Round 3. Win v Guy (Unicorn HMT/Crab KoE). This was the matchup I was fearing the most today. Guy is a dedicated Uni player, is honing his deck(s) for Worlds, and dealt out an absolute trampling to me on Jigoku just a few nights before. My priority for the first round was to try and prevent him from breaking three provinces, but the sheer strength of his attack caught me on the backfoot and I couldn't stop it. I was three provinces down going into Round 2 but managed to not only defend my SH twice, but win those conflicts preventing the ring effects, and break a province on the counter. The end of this round was critical as both boards were wiped save a Ryoma, Borderlands Defender and Shrewd Yasuki the latter of whom sacrificed himself to a Way of the Crab to kill Ryoma. I managed to pull out 2 x BHC in the third round to win by dishonour and breathe a sigh of relief!

Round 4. Win v Dan (Unicorn SS/Lion KoE). I felt in control of this match pretty much from the off. Got a big Borderlands Defender out who did her duty and hung around due to a combination of Iron Mines, Reprieves, and Vanguard Warriors. One of her first jobs was to Defend Her Honour against a Regal Bearing and with the Watch Commander attached the honour drain began. She was soon joined by Shuichi also complete with WC, Skirmishers, Yasukis, and Yojimbos and the final blow was dealt with 2 x BHC.

I was really happy with how I played today and all of the last minute changes I made to the deck (Yori for Shuichi, Funeral Pyres for Iron Mines, and finding space for 1 x WotC) earned their crust at some point in the day.
Stronghold: City of the Open Hand
By: SpartyNC
Date: 09/17/19 thru 09/17/19
Location: Jingoku
Occasion: Online Play
Opponent got frustrated and rage quit in the end of the second turn's conflict phase when I had him down to 6 honor with two characters he had invested heavily in bowed and dishonored.
Elemental Championship - Boards & Swords
Stronghold: Kyūden Kakita
By: Toyz N The Hood
Date: 06/22/19 thru 06/22/19
Location: Derby
Occasion: Elemental Championship
Edited: > 1 year ago
Round 1 - vs Crane

Fairly straight forward Crane mirror match but I was lucky to reveal my Magistrate Station followed by the drop of a Tengu Sensei that meant my opponent couldn't gain any traction. Both of us had strong duelling elements but this meant we were both honouring our characters so our strongholds didn't do too much. By the end of the game I don't think my opponent had won a single conflict.

Round 2 - vs Crab

Apologies, I can't remember all tha [continue reading]t much detail of this game. My opponent had Crab and I was able to stop him getting a foothold by using Gossip to prevent Fight On, smashing his Iron Mines and then Let Go on his Reprieves. It let me build up a good board presence and using duels (helped by his plays of Defend Your Honour) to honour my characters I was able to destroy all his provinces.

Round 3 - vs Dragon

My opponent was playing a Dragon duelling dishonour deck. I got off to a cracking start, breaking two provinces relatively quickly although one was Restoration of Balance and the other Upholding Authority so my hand took quite a beating. I then realised that my opponent wasn't intending to attack my provinces at all and instead was going to use an incredibly tooled up Mirumoto Raitsugu to dishonour me. I played Gossip for a turn to stop any Mirumoto's Daishos being played. I then essentially stopped playing for two turns until Raitsugu ran out of fate (I was on about 4 honour at this point and so couldn't afford to duel!). My opponent started attacking my provinces and managed to break two before Raitsugu left play. I was REALLY lucky that he didn't draw another Raitsugu to add fate and it meant that my two characters (Kaezin and Ryoku) just outlived him. We were running out of time and he had two of my provinces, more honour (by a mile!) and the favour while I had three of his provinces broken. I then went all out for his stronghold with Kaezin, hit Midnight Revels which had no effect, and through all my honour against his character in a bid with Duelist Training. This bowed his character and honoured Kaezin, breaking the stronghold and letting me win on just one honour! It was an insanely tense game.

Round 4 - vs Crab

My opponent had "The deck" from Crab with the addition of the Hiruma Signaller from the new Inheritance Cycle (which I hadn't realised was legal for this tournament!). He got an early Kisada which meant I was throwing away a Policy Debate each turn just to fire his ability. I wasn't able to duel Kisada as he was such a beat stick so had to skirt round him, Fortunately the only mistake my opponent made was to flip Magistrate Station but to then continue to attack other provinces so I was able to get that ability working for a couple of turns before he realised it didn't just work when attacked. The card of the match was the Political Rival who was able to covert the Hiruma Signaller and break the third province, while a bowed Kisada was forced to watch as I had used Gossip to prevent Fight On from being played. In the end my opponent conceded as we reached 65 minutes, with my having broken three provinces to his one and also being the most honourable.

Semi-final - vs Phoenix

This was the semi-final in the Elemental Champion. I had played my opponent the week before in the Underhand of the Emperor completion. His deck has heavy water focus but also a few tricks with coverts and Spreading The Darkness. I was able to keep him at bay with my duelists and to fight off a few cards, mostly with tricks that bowed his characters, with duelist training or Kakita Dojo. That then gave me more honoured characters so I was able to counter his spells. Toshimoko then cancelled a few of his attacks, especially ones where Feral Ningyos were around as they're not a buff. This, combined with a couple of letters of the Daimyo meant he ran out of cards in his hand. I was then able to go all out with about five characters against his stronghold defended by Isawa Ujina. Ujina put up an epic fight against several duelist trainings and a Kakita Dojo but eventually stayed down and the stronghold was broken.

FInal - vs Crane

In the final game I played John again who I'd played earlier. It was a much tougher game this time round, with an Esteemed Tea House (from the new pack) meaning I couldn't reliably play any attachments. We traded roughly one province for another although a key point was where John challenged my Doji Challenger to a duel with a Kakita Dojo. Unfortunately he'd forgotten that my Challenger was a duelist so when it won it bowed his character. That allowed me to push through and break his province and go for the stronghold. I had a load of fate at the next turn and was first player but only had a Daidoji Nerishima on the flop, the rest were holdings. But then I flipped a card over in my province row and it was a Tengu Sensei - that allowed my to launch a full assault on his stronghold and break it.

Overall a really fun tournament with some fantastic opponents. I think I was really lucky not to run into any Scorpion and that none attended the tournament, I really, really struggle against dishonour decks. My second toughest match up is Crab but I can beat them if i keep my wits about them, especially with the addition of Gossip to my deck.
Underhand of the Emperor - Weekend Warlords
Stronghold: Kyūden Kakita
By: Toyz N The Hood
Date: 06/16/19
Location: Loughborough
Occasion: Underhand of the Emperor
Round 1 - vs Unicorn

Awesome game in an Underhand of the Emperor event. I think this was my first game against Shiro Shinjo. It came down to tie breaker, fortunately I had more honour. Highlight was Gossiping Captive Audience on the first turn and stopping my opponent in his tracks.

Round 2 - vs Dragon

Fortunately Tengu Sensei kept the bigger threats out of the game. This meant I could set up Noble Sacrifices and generally be a nuisance.

Round [continue reading] 3 - vs Pheonix

Opponent used Spreading the Darkness to great effect - and it turns out it's a Spell so it didn't go away. Fortunately while he was winning conflicts to begin with he was using too many cards and a Letter from the Daimyo, Earth Rings and Political Debates brought him down to zero. I need to also not Political Debate when my opponent has no cards. That's not good.
Denver Kotei
Stronghold: Hisu Mori Toride
Date: 04/27/19 thru 04/28/19
Deck I played the weekend of the Denver Kotei: It was a good meta call, but I ended up playing only 2 mirror matches the entire weekend. With about 20 locals, I also got paired against 4 of them on Saturday. Since we both knew each other's decks winning came down more to variance. However, I finished second during the Elemental Challenge on Sunday.

Overall a great weekend and wonderful to meet so many member of the horde in real l [continue reading]ife!
A Fistful of Dice EC
Stronghold: Kyūden Isawa
Date: 03/17/19 thru 03/17/19
Location: Portsmouth UK
Occasion: Elemental Championship
Edited: > 1 year ago
I had gone into this tournament, my first in just under a year, hoping to scrape into the top 16 and win some sleeves. I did a lot better than I had hoped and ended up 7th overall, crashing out hard to a top Crane player in the quarters. It's really got my appetitie for tournaments back, and I feel like I have made a marked improvement in my play over the length of time the game has been out.

Round 1 v Guy (Unicorn) - Now I don't remember an awful lot about this game as the adrenali [continue reading]ne was pumping and I was so determined to win a game that I was concentrating really hard I think. If I remember rightly, there was a Master of Gisei Toshi out on my second attack on the stronghold (Rally to the Cause), possibly in combo with Atsuko attacking void and obviously using that ring to nullify his events. This meant that capticve audience, and thus cavalry reserves could not be played and it clinched me the game with 3 province breaks each. Guy has designed an excellent swarm deck and it is intense to play against so I was happy to resist the stampede, and also happy to win against him as he went on to win every remaining game and won the tournament.

Round 2 v Darren (Crane) - I had never met Darren before but knew him as a top Crane player and this matchup showed the gulf in class. I was quite nervous about playing a world class player if truth be told. Toshimoko and a Magistrate Station I could not break combined to create a lot of problems, and when the Guest showed up I was left with no options and conceded. Picked up some good tips in the aftermath though, particularly that it is usually a good idea to not attack Crane on round 1 to eliminate the risk of revealing the Magistrate, meaning the burn some resources while you build a board state that can control the game. One great tip I saw here was Above Question being used on my Phoenix cards to prevent me from using events on them!

Round 3 v Lloyd (Phoenix) - I felt like I was settling into the tournament by this stage and was fairly relaxed and focused in this game. Lloyd was playing a very interesting homebrew Phoenix ring manipulation deck and some of the tricks he was pulling off were really sweet. On turn one I got a Shiba Yojimbo out and she eventually became quite tooled up with a wanderer for covert and honour. She then did her job later in the game by protecting the other Shugenja from events and relaly proved her worth in this matchup. Looking back, perhaps more than 1 copy would have been a great idea! I remember in this game that Kanjo came out at the right time, and I managed to bow both an honoured Kaede and an honoured Azunami just when they were posing a huge threat from clarity being used on them. Meanwhile I also managed to five fires (unfortunately without an embrace attached). And I managed to defend a province at just the right time to make it 3-2 in my favour with the first player coming to me.

Round 4 v Liam (Phoenix) - This was an intense game. Liam has obviously played in a lot of tournaments as is a very fast player. He also plays with an intensity that can put you on the back foot. But he was also a good sport and recognised my lack of experience and allowed me to take back some ridiculous moves. It turned out to be an absolutely fantastic battle and was probably my favourite of the day. 3 province breaks each and I had a Tadaka out which was causing damage. Unfortunately for me, a Secluded Shrine was included in Liams final flop, allowing him to claim the Earth ring meaning he could play events again and that was it for me. It went to the wire, but in the end I succumbed.

Quarter Final v Darren (Crane) - Yep, was playing Darren again and although I felt more relaxed, I think this was more of a pasting than the last game. I again hit magistrate on turn one and Toshimoko ended up honoured and causing all kinds of problems again and it was no contest.

I really had a great day and was very happy to come away with all the swag that I did. I think I played well in 3 of my 5 games with both of those games being against a top Crane player and my not really understanding the match up that well. I will definitely be looking to attend or organise more competitions in the near future.
Elemental Championship
Stronghold: Kyūden Isawa
Date: 01/26/19 thru 01/26/19
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Occasion: Elemental Championship
Round 1 vs HMT Unicorn KoF

I lost 3 provinces early, letting them burn some essential cards. I found Tadaka and censured Captive Audience when it came to Kuroi Mori to shut down HMT. With Unicorn stalled out on my stronghold, I built up my side and won by conquest.

Round 2 vs Dragon SoV

Limited early buys and aggression to stockpile fate. I mulled for and played attachments and characters to prevent Restoration of Balance from hurting too badly. Tadaka [continue reading]showed up and prevented them from playing cards. Won by conquest.

Round 3 vs HMT Unicorn HMT KoF

Limited early buys to stockpile fate, offered token defense to keep them from breaking too much too quickly. I lost multiple defenses, but saved breaks by 1 force. I built up fated, honored characters including Master of Gisei Toshi and went on the attack and won by conquest.

Round 4 vs Crane KoA

I made some play mistakes here, namely forgetting what Cautious Scout did. Boneheaded. I face planted into Magistrate Station and later Shameful Display. Winnable game, but I got too far behind and couldn't come back in the face of honored Yoshi and Guest of Honor. I should have committed to more defense to keep the Crane from getting too far ahead. Loss by conquest.

Round 5 vs Dragon SoV

Limited early buys to conserve fate. I played attachments and characters to lessen the impact of Restoration of Balance. I bilt up fated characters to make a nice board. Consumed by Five Fires wiped out 4 fate and cleared his side. I found Tadaka to turn off all his events and found Kanjo District to break his stronghold even with Sacred Sanctuary. Won by conquest.

Top 8 vs KI Phoenix SoA

Charge and Lion splash Phoenix, so no Tadaka. I had a godawful flop and starting hand so focused on defending and getting the favor, which was managed with unbowing a shugenja at home and winning 1 ring with a Shrine Maiden. Turn 2 I found Tadaka and had the favor, so I was able to shut down pretty much anything he could try. Won by conquest since he couldn't play any cards.

Top 4 vs Crab KoW

2 clutch Displays of Power prevented the Crab from making any headway in controlling my side of the table and kept me free to go on the offensive. I passed early to deny fate and built up a pretty big fate disparity. Once I got a card advantage too, honored Tadaka/Adept of the Waves were able to smash through provinces and eventually break the stronghold.

Finals vs HMT Unicorn KoF

Rematch of the century! Unicorn came out guns blazing, but conserved many of their high impact events as much as possible to limit the impact of Tadaka when/if he arrived. I offered token defense and tried to keep pace, but gave up provinces too easily. Captive Audience is a neat way to get around Clarity of Purpose. When Tadaka and Censure didn't show up, I was unable to stop the bleeding and they were on my stronghold quickly. I didn't have enough characters or control pieces and just got run over.
York - Travelling Man Elemental Championship
Stronghold: Kyūden Isawa
Date: 01/26/19 thru 01/26/19
Location: Travelling Man, York
Occasion: Elemental Championship
13 player tournament.

1st round vs crane koair - managed to keep par with honoured characters to keep voice off, broke magistrates first turn, eventually outvalued
2nd round vs dragon - managed to hit provinces in right order and avoid resto, broke box
3rd round vs phoenix/lion splash - running charge as RL, I saw atw, he didn't
4th vs scorpion kyuden bayushi - lost, couldn't get a good board state going enough to capitalise on his dropping honour ad lost to box br [continue reading]eak

top cut
semi-final vs unicorn - he broke early and aggresive, was on box at start of turn 3 but tadaka and kuroi mori shut him down
final vs phoenix - rematch of third round - got card advantage and managed to see right cards at right time, tadaka in final turn and 50/50 to avoid manicured meant got the win
Winter Court World Championship 2018 Proving Grounds
Stronghold: Shizuka Toshi
Date: 11/04/18 thru 11/04/18
Location: Fantasy Flight Games Center
Occasion: Winter Court World Championship 2018
1 win 1 loss.
Winter Court World Championship 2018 Day 1A
Stronghold: Shizuka Toshi
Date: 11/02/18 thru 11/02/18
Location: Fantasy Flight Games Center
Occasion: Winter Court World Championship 2018
Edited: > 1 year ago
Winter Court World Championship 2018 Day 2
Stronghold: Shizuka Toshi
Date: 11/04/18 thru 11/04/18
Location: Fantasy Flight Games Center
Occasion: Winter Court World Championship 2018
Jigoku Test Games
Stronghold: Isawa Mori Seidō
Date: 11/05/18 thru 11/05/18
Location: Jigoku
Occasion: Testing
Edited: > 1 year ago
Paired up against Keeper of Water Crab and Keeper of Air Phoenix.

Notable happenings this game were my opponents bidding 1 either turn 1 or turn 2 in anticipation of me hitting the brakes to drain honor when I just wanted cards to create advantage. I got pretty low on honor in both games while my opponents floated on double digits, but I used my card advantage to win conflicts and just break provinces with a bigger and better board. If I have 10+ cards in hand and my opponent does [continue reading] not, I can aggressively use policy debate to attack their hand and see what awaits me to better navigate the conflict phase. I won both games on conquest.

Probably the most interesting moment was against the other Phoenix. I got to poke water then dump 2 Ningyo and Seeker of Knowledge to break the last row province and fire off an air ring to get me back to a safe honor total.
Woodforsheep Stronghold Conflict #3
Stronghold: Shizuka Toshi
Date: 10/20/18 thru 10/20/18
Location: Woodforsheep
Occasion: Season 1 Stronghold Conflict #3
Edited: > 1 year ago
2 games played.
Shogun Challenge @ The Sword & Board
Stronghold: Shizuka Toshi
Date: 10/22/18 thru 10/22/18
Location: The Sword & Board
Occasion: Shogun Challenge
3 matches played.
Heroes World Stronghold Conflict #4
Stronghold: Shizuka Toshi
Date: 10/13/18 thru 10/13/18
Location: Heroes World
Occasion: Season 2 Stronghold Conflict #4
Edited: > 1 year ago
3 games played.
401 Games Stronghold Conflict
Stronghold: Shizuka Toshi
Date: 10/14/18 thru 10/14/18
Location: 401 Games
Occasion: Season 2 Stronghold Conflict #4
Edited: > 1 year ago
3 games played
Grand Kotei
Stronghold: Golden Plains Outpost
Date: 08/02/18 thru 08/04/18
Location: GenCon
I had a great time at GenCon. However, first round was against Nick Soto (Phoenix fish boi for days) who was at the top of Swiss on Day 1A. I defeated a lion player round 2 on HMT. Then round 3 I was up against Trevor Cuba, which is an excellent Crane player. Round 4 I needed a win to make the cut, but had a mirror match. The other unicorn player had the encampment turn 1...I didn't so it was pretty easy for him break my provinces and SH.

I did go to the skirmish event on day 1A and [continue reading] defeated a Dragon and another lion player on HMT. My loss was against a Core set SH lion player. Finally, I played one round of the skirmish event on Saturday to get another KoF vote and played a Dragon player and won with TW being the MVP. I dropped to play in A:NR where I proceeded to go 50/50 Wins and Losses in 7 rounds of swiss.

So overall record with this deck at GenCon was 50% 4 wins and 4 losses:
Wins - 2 Dragon, 2 Lion (HMT)
Loses - 1 Phoenix, 1 Crane, 1 Lion (Core Set), and 1 Unicorn
L5R Tourney - Prep for GenCon
Stronghold: Golden Plains Outpost
Date: 07/22/18 thru 07/22/18
Location: TEG - Broomfield, CO